hi guys!
Sorry for being such a bad blogger *sigh*
From now, I will try to do 'a post a week'. Thats for at least.

Happy New Year 2012
Better late than never right? hehe ;p

You know what, i have a tumblr. No, i didn't move posting on tumblr. I just need some provacy to share my thought. My sad stories when I feel not good but i didn't want to tell anybody.
Ya, I will not tell you.
*isinya cuma galau-galauan*

I am now feeling good.
But not too good. As I am waiting for my first time IP or score in college. I feel soooo excited but also worried.
Just keep praying, wish my hardwork can get the best score.
aamiin :')

see you soon guys :D


  1. Wow such a nice blog i love your style and pics.Sorry im checking so late :( .Share more pics and blogs :)

  2. will do more post soon..
    thanks for being nice to me Fiza ;D


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