Oriflame Very Me Lipmania

Oriflame Very Me Lipmania in Vibrant Peach

This one becomes my favorite lipstick. 
The color is perfect for my lips!
The sheer coral pink color is adorable..
The packaging is super cute..
It has different kind of heels on each color.
If you apply it once, the color is just like lipgloss. For daily use and school, I only apply once. So it doesn't look bold.
I love its coral shade!
Its perfect for all type of lips, the light or dark lips.
Especially for the dark ones, like me, it just looks perfect.

What Oriflame says:
Go head over heels for colour! This must-have lipstick comes in ten intense shades that give your lips sheer, high-gloss coverage. Specially designed packaging for every facet of you! 
I have use this for about a month.
 I swatch in a tissue paper.
But it looks pink, no coral shade at all.
Maybe it just looks coral on my lips. I don't know.
 Again, comparison with phone. Its very easy to bring. I bring this everyday on my purse.
This is all of the Ten Shade.
click the picture for larger.

The price is 59.000 IDR.
Choose your shade and feel free to email me at zhe_zha@yahoo.com
I can help you on choosing the color.

I will ship to you as long as you are in Indonesia, sorry for international. I din't know how to make international payment, hehe.



  1. I have ordered the Vibrant Peach from a consultant here. Can't wait to wear it! I love Oriflame! :D

    1. It's amazing...i'm also using Vibrant Peach daily

  2. Assalamu'alaikum..ada tugas untuk kamu,,silahkan dilihat dan dikerjakan ya,,makasih sebelumnya

  3. @lia: waaa.. seru tuh tag nyaaa ;D

    okok.. siap buk! saya akan berusaha mengerjakan dengan baik ;D


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