Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

I will reviewing Oriflame product again,
Today is one of my favorite lipstick.
Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick in Coral Rose
Let the pictures do the talk.
what Oriflame said:
Really smooth and creamy, conditioning lipstick that moisturises. The huge range of beautiful, bold shades means you’ve got a colour for every occasion. Try them all!
It has sheer finish, it will looks like the swatch on the tissue if you sweep it for several times on your lips. I like this Coral Rose because it matches me, i think it will match with any lip color.
and it has wide range of color from the darkest till the lightest.
just find your favorite color and get it now!!
I loooove this lipstick because its very moisturizing..
My lips didn't get dry when i use this lipstick..

Its only for Rp. 34.900

you can get more discount if you purchase it from me! ;D
just message me at zhe_zha@yahoo.com or leave your comment down below ;D
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Good night bloggies..
See you :)


Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner

Today, i will reviewing this product for you.
This one of my favorite product from Oriflame.
This is Very Me Clickit Eyeliner
You need the Clickit Connector (right) to match the eyeliner (left), so you can use the eyeliner easily. You can see that the eyeliner have a small cap. The connector also has a function to get together the clickit produtcs.
Clickit products is not only eyeliner, there are also Lip Stain, Lip Gloss, and Mascara that you can combine.
So you can get eyeliner in one side and mascara in the other side.

what Oriflame said about the eyeliner:
Glossy eyeliner in electrifying shades and means all eyes are on you. Glides on smoothly for super-precise lines. Combine with clickit mascara for an ultra-glamorous look.
what Oriflame said about the connector:
Click together your must-have Clickit products with the Clickit connector and you’re ready to go
This eyeliner comes in 5 different color:
i have the Grey, Blue, and Green.
Why i didn't have black? Because my eyes looks so much bigger if i use black, my eyes is already big.
The grey one is just perfect, i use it almost everyday.
The blue and green just for special occasion, i'm not confident enough to use it to campus, hehe :p
Here's the swatches of mine on piece of tissue.
I like the applicator, its easy to apply the eyeliner, both thin or thick.
The eyeliner is 3,5 ml. Handy to put on your makeup purse.
The only bad side is that this eyeliner is not waterproof. Its ok when you wet your face, but when you rub it, it will directly gone! i'm a muslim and i need to take wudhu at noon, at campus, so its annoying when i have to go back to my class in hurry but i also have to touch up my eyeliner too. Usually i only touch up my powder.
But overall its good and i love it.

This eyeliner price is Rp. 44.900,-
The connector price is Rp. 14.900,-

you can get discount if you purchase it from me! ;D
just message me at zhe_zha@yahoo.com or leave your comment down below ;D
Or if you wanna take a look at the newest Oriflame products click here http://id.oriflame.com/products/catalogue-viewer.jhtml?per=201113

have a blast day everyone
i have many assignments to do, wish today will be a good day :D


Oriflame Very Me Lipmania

Oriflame Very Me Lipmania in Vibrant Peach

This one becomes my favorite lipstick. 
The color is perfect for my lips!
The sheer coral pink color is adorable..
The packaging is super cute..
It has different kind of heels on each color.
If you apply it once, the color is just like lipgloss. For daily use and school, I only apply once. So it doesn't look bold.
I love its coral shade!
Its perfect for all type of lips, the light or dark lips.
Especially for the dark ones, like me, it just looks perfect.

What Oriflame says:
Go head over heels for colour! This must-have lipstick comes in ten intense shades that give your lips sheer, high-gloss coverage. Specially designed packaging for every facet of you! 
I have use this for about a month.
 I swatch in a tissue paper.
But it looks pink, no coral shade at all.
Maybe it just looks coral on my lips. I don't know.
 Again, comparison with phone. Its very easy to bring. I bring this everyday on my purse.
This is all of the Ten Shade.
click the picture for larger.

The price is 59.000 IDR.
Choose your shade and feel free to email me at zhe_zha@yahoo.com
I can help you on choosing the color.

I will ship to you as long as you are in Indonesia, sorry for international. I din't know how to make international payment, hehe.



I Have A Zoya Named After Me! Do You?

Look at the nail polish, the color is gorgeous right?
That will be perfect for this holiday.
The name of that is Sarah.
same as my name :D

I know this from Danielle.
She is awesome ;)
Check the nail polish named after her name HERE

Lets find if you also have a Zoya named after you HERE
Leave me the link if you do a blog post or just tell me in the comment.
I want to know your color :D



so, the final test of my first semester in college is come closer.
its on 2nd-12th January 2012
(13th actually, but not for my class, we don't have test at 13th)

i love doodling..
always try to make my schedule colorful..
so i made this and put it on my desk..
but now, the schedule is...
on my note book..
and look at the flower i made. It means that no test at that time.
The second from top, the Education subject will be held next Tuesday, 20th December! 1 day left, tomorrow is Monday, and i still didn't catch the material. The lecture is so annoying.

The second from the bottom is No Test.
Can you see it? I write it, No Test.
That is Speaking subject.
The lecture, Ms. Iryna, is from Ukraine.
She said that we have works a lot this semester on speaking class, speak in english all the time on speaking class. (I'm Indonesian, remember?)
So, no need to reply it all, no need to do a test.
yeah \^o^/

and there are still many assignments to do. this is the list of the assignments.

thats all for tonight, i have to do Reading assignment.
wish me all the best for the test and assignment guys..
so i can reach the maximum grade ;D


MakeupByJoyce's Huge Holiday Giveaway

Look at them
are you drooling?
ya, me too ;p

Joyce from Make Up by Joyce is having huge giveaway.
The prizes is 20 products from the picture, so you can choose 20 products from all of them.
ends 30 December
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Y U K L U I * Style Giveaway

The British Christmas Giveaway Featuring Sleek, MeMeMe, MUA

by Nicol Wong from http://yuk-lui.blogspot.com/
the total is 10 beautiful things to be win!
ends 20 December
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i want that Au Nature Palette
good luck to me ;p


Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner Giveaway

Sheilla from ♔ Sheilla's Blog ♔ is having a giveaway.
One winner will receive Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black and Dollywink Eyelashes Case.
click picture to enter
ends 31 December

you know what.. i want this eyeliner soooooo much!!
i have liquid eyeliner from Oriflame, its good, but not waterproof!
how blahblahblah! :s

wish i can win this eyeliner :D
good luck to me :D