January Quote

ok. i know its almost february. forgive me for my business. i can't make good post yet. always busy for studying. phiuh..

So, this is the quote
          Fill your paper
           with the breathings
            of your heart...

thats a really good quote. i love writing. i'll tell you more later.
for now, i just need to fill my paper (test) with the right answer i got from my brain.

and i found this love quote from LouCeeCreations
Love this pics!

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Mini Giveaway from Me!!! (CLOSED)

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Hi bloggies.. between my busy study time, I was thinking about you, all of my lovely reader. and I wanted to held a mini giveaway for you. and it is INTERNATIONAL.. yaaay.. ;D

This is the prize :
Two Homemade Vitamin E Cream
day and night

My aunt's friend who made that cream. she has a beauty salon and spa and other beauty treatment. and she made this cream for her lovely customer. Not only for women but also men. Especially for 30+ years old, this cream did much on them. Many customer get successful! You can use this yourself or maybe give away this to someone needed.

I will give you a little review.
So, this vitamin E cream (didn’t has a name yet) can prevent and treat acnes, clear up black spots caused by acne, and brighten your face (maybe this one is for tropical people who had a brown skin).
This cream did its job on me and my mom. my face looks brighter and my mom looks younger and the wrinkles reduced. But as I still on puberty, acnes still appear, right? ;p
One more, my sister who is 14 years old, her puberty has just come, her acnes is WOW. and I think, that creams can’t did much on my sister’s. Maybe theres too much hormone on her. (peace sist ;p)

and now, for the giveaway..
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the Giveaway opened 2 weeks from now 23 January 2011 till 14 February 2011 GMT +7

and for you who wanted this cream later, I will sell it to you.
IDR 150.000 ke seluruh penjuru Indonesia. (cream + shipping, udah di pukul rata)
Sorry, for now, just for Indonesia. But for international who are interesting to buy, just email me and maybe we can talk first.

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Cargo Lumieres

just a little update from me. i won a Cargo Lumieres from Shahada. 
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school is going crazy!!!
i must studying hard. especially on chemistry and math and physic...

3 months to go to the Final Test (UAN)

have a great day bloggies...


WOW I Know

received two packages from Kotex yesterday. one for me and one for my big sista.
the packages consist of sample of The New Kotex Luxe (available only in Jakarta for now) and a Book Of Truths.
i'm waiting this samples for about a month.
go to Kotex web to know more about Why Only White

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Subhanallah!! Today's Sun in Yogyakarta

     This unique natural phenomenon occurs because the bending of sunlight by particles of water vapor in the atmosphere. The Head of Laboratory Hydrometeorology of Geography Faculty, Gadjah Mada University, said the unique nature of this event is the atmospheric phenomenon that usually occurs during the rainy season. "In this phenomenon, the sunlight reflected by the rising water vapor in the atmosphere. The light emitted is then seen as the ring of the rainbow," he said.
    During the rainy season many water vapor rises into the atmosphere until it reaches the troposphere with a height of about 10-40 kilometers. As a result, there was a very cold temperature in the troposphere, which is around minus 30-40 degrees Celsius. At this point, water vapor in the troposphere serves as a mirror that can reflect sunlight.
( source translated via google)

Subhanallah.. Allahuakbar..
The pictures are taken by my IT teacher, i took from his Facebook HERE
This phenomenon happened this afternoon at about 11.15 am WIB (GMT+7) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This happened for about 30 minutes long. My class including the teacher went out from the class and admire this phenomenon.
And.. look at this one.. the clouds looks like the words ALLAH in arabic. who knows...
Subhanallah... Allahuakbar...

Rinz's ValDay Giveaway

Rinz from Live, Love, Laugh! held a Valentine Day Giveaway..
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Expire Date

Not only foods or cosmetics which has an expiration date, but also some things we usually use..
Here are the things, i got this from terselubung, translated by me and google, i just want to share this to you.
Read carefully bloggies ;)
1. Comb
Clean the comb with warm water once a week. Replace if it is damaged or has been hurt when used. As quoted from The Sun, Food and Drink Federation, UK, reveals, one millimeter of hair follicles can carry 50.000 bacteria. Your comb can even carried more bacteria, because the accumulation of dead scalp cells and the rest of the hair care products on the comb. If you didn't cleaned the comb, it can cause dandruff.
2. Toothbrush
According to research, the effectiveness of the toothbrush is only three months old. If the hair brush is damaged, it should be immediately replaced with a new one, because it can make your gums hurt and bleed. Replace toothbrushes every three months.
3. Bra
Buy a new bra every three months. Special for sports bra, replace after being washed 30 to 40 times. Avoid using chemical detergents and softeners because of damage to the bra Lycra material. You need to buy a bra on a regular basis because the breast tissue consists of fat. If it not propped well, the breast will be faster down and slacked.
4. Mattress
Replace the mattress or bed every 8-10 years. According to the Sleep Council, a decreased function of the mat can reduce our sleep quality. Furthermore the mites and fleas that breed in it can lead to skin disorders.
5. Cutting board
Always clean and wash with disinfectant after use. Replace with a new one, if it begin difficult to clean. According to the Hygiene Council, the bacterial can be 50 times more than the toilet seat.
6. Towel
Wash your towels every week in 60º C water temperature. You can easily get skin infections if rarely wash the towels. Moreover, if the towels are also used by other people, skin diseases will be spread. Do not have a habit of sharing the same towel with other people.

Twenty Eleven

Let me congrats you all, who are entering 2011 with happines, joyness, and healthiness !!