House of Small Cubes

La Maison en Petits Cubes from istever on Vimeo.

Title: La Maison en Petits CubesAlternative title: House of Small CubesKunio Katou's "La Maison en Petits Cubes" has won the Best Animated Short Film category at the 81st Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night (22.02.2009). This was the first Academy Award nomination and win for Katou. Katou's 12-minute work uses paper drawings and 2D computer graphics to tell the story of a grandfather's memories as he adds more blocks to his house to stem the flooding waters. "La Maison en Petits Cubes" ("Tsumiki no Ie" or House of Blocks) is the second Japanese animated work to win a major Oscar.
I almost cry while watching this short stories. This is really sweet.
And also remind us to keep our Earth planet safe and peaceful.
It can be an effect of global warming.
We didn't want to live like that right?
Love everyone you have, your grandma, grandpa, father, mother, sister, brother, wife or husband, children, siblings, and friends.

aah.. i can't say any word again.
Enjoy your life guys!
Have a wonderful life!

New Best Friend

The lectures are just start this week. Some of the schedule are not fix yet. *sigh*
Say hi to my delicious binder :D
And they are my best friends now. Especially in the Structure class.
FIGHTING!! \^o^/

Flat Nail

Carelessly broke my nail. :(
Can you see the dark spot? Thats the blood!

Jelly Beans Art

Kina Grannis made a unique music video with jelly beans.
Kina and her team are just crazy awesome!!
i looove the video! b^o^d
This video need:
22 months
1,357 hours
30 people
2 ladders
1 still camera
288,000 jelly beans
look at the making video, they are awesome!


Welcome February

hi February!!
Face it woth a big grin :D
I wish this February 2012 will be a friendly and lovely month :D
amin amin amin ;)
Happy 1st February everyone!!
I feel like the time goes by so fast. Did you?
No more than two weeks my holiday will ends. I will go to school everyday again and dealing with the hectic works. fiuh..
I plan to make money this holiday by open an online shop but I still can't fulfill it.

Now let's welcome February and start to make a new plan for this month :D
I have to go to bookstore and buy some utensils, like pen and markers. I don't know why they always gone from my pencilcase every holiday. haha :p
I always use them and didn't put them back on the right place and lose them. -_______- duh!

I like to change my dekstop wallpaper every month. I like wallpaper with date.
Just searching it on Google.
I found this super cute Origami wallpaper for this February.
Who doesn't love this??
And that Heart Origami is too cute >o<
I think I will use this for the whole month of February.
I like to change the wallpaper if i get bored.
And do you know what? Last month, January, I use a blue snowy village wallpaper, i get bored and i try to find another one, and i found this cute penguin.
They are from the same artist!!
I just realize it when i found the origami wallpaper.
The artist is Carolinae Johansson from http://thecarolinejohansson.com/
Take a look at her gorgeous work.
Those wallpaper is freebie from her. 
Now, I boorkmark her page, so later I can find wallpaper from her.

How about you?
What desktop wallpaper do you usually use?
Share your favorite with me in the comment box! :D

thanks for reading ;)