Welcome February

hi February!!
Face it woth a big grin :D
I wish this February 2012 will be a friendly and lovely month :D
amin amin amin ;)
Happy 1st February everyone!!
I feel like the time goes by so fast. Did you?
No more than two weeks my holiday will ends. I will go to school everyday again and dealing with the hectic works. fiuh..
I plan to make money this holiday by open an online shop but I still can't fulfill it.

Now let's welcome February and start to make a new plan for this month :D
I have to go to bookstore and buy some utensils, like pen and markers. I don't know why they always gone from my pencilcase every holiday. haha :p
I always use them and didn't put them back on the right place and lose them. -_______- duh!

I like to change my dekstop wallpaper every month. I like wallpaper with date.
Just searching it on Google.
I found this super cute Origami wallpaper for this February.
Who doesn't love this??
And that Heart Origami is too cute >o<
I think I will use this for the whole month of February.
I like to change the wallpaper if i get bored.
And do you know what? Last month, January, I use a blue snowy village wallpaper, i get bored and i try to find another one, and i found this cute penguin.
They are from the same artist!!
I just realize it when i found the origami wallpaper.
The artist is Carolinae Johansson from http://thecarolinejohansson.com/
Take a look at her gorgeous work.
Those wallpaper is freebie from her. 
Now, I boorkmark her page, so later I can find wallpaper from her.

How about you?
What desktop wallpaper do you usually use?
Share your favorite with me in the comment box! :D

thanks for reading ;)



    Your blog is so pretty .Following it.

    Follow back,friend.

  2. you look pretty... and good luck with your plans

  3. Nice post, love it ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. S0 sad i came here late :(

    well you are looking so cute :)

    love the colours of your Origami wallpaper. :)


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