Let's End December

Super duper late post, today is 25th, I haven't post anything :/
Super busy with MANY final assignments and some agendas.

Well, this month is exciting though.
the girls
Want to know why? ;)
Keep reading more :D

I went to Kaliurang with my village friends. We rent a villa and stayed there for 2 days 1 night, 15-16 December. The villa is so classy and vintage! Love love it! >_<
The best part is it has a fireplace or perapian
You know la Indonesia is a tropical country, we didn't need fireplace like sub-tropical people, it is always hot here generally. But Kaliurang is in the hill in the mountain's foot. This is my first time seeing a fireplace. The boys are busy trying to lit the fireplace. It took a long time until finally the fire was really flaming.
It was so warm after that. I like to be around the fire.
haha, trying hard because we all excited about the fireplace
finally! ^^
On the Saturday night, we did arisan first. We talked about some things and end the gath with a hard laugh because of the game we played. Then, the boys grilled chickens and the girls prepared the eating utensils, the rice, Sambel (the most important!), and so on. Then, we ate together. After that, poker time! kekeke :p
I stayed up until 1 a.m., I didn't play because I didn't how to, haha -_-", just watched them. I prefer watched TV inside, because it was cold outside. At the end, some boys and 1 girl, Lita, playing poker and didn't sleep until 6 a.m. I think. And yes, those boys slept after that, while the other was preparing for breakfast. For Lita, she didn't sleep but looks tired and just sat on the couch. She didn't listen to me and others to go to sleep. -_-
eating time! those much much rice gone in minutes.
start to play poker!
thats the red is Lita and the green, Wina, my gf. They both lost many times and got much powder on their face, haha :p
I took this from inside, you can see my shadow in the window.
We do a reforestation on Sunday morning. Everyone got a chance to plant their trees. After that we went hiking through the hill to Plawangan. (If I'm not mistaken)
in Taman Wisata Gunung Merapi, Kaliurang
up above on the top of the hill
The view is sooo beautiful. Unfortunately, it was foggy :(
I want to include many photos here, but.... you will be bored right? 'o'
Go to HERE if you want.

Another exciting things are the prizes I got from giveaways and contests.
Will do a separate post for them ;)
One of them is this >_<

Btw, I found a cooking channel on youtube from Indonesian brand, Ajinomoto, the channel is Dapur Umami. I found doughnut tutorial, so I downloaded it and I tried to make it today!
The result?
Looks tempting, huh?
Yes it is! >_<
I just add some butter and choco sprinkles, can't find blueberry jam in the store near my house.
I'm super happy because my family and my bf like it and said that it was delicious enough. Not like my cook in the past which were always fail -_-"

Okay, I wish you a merry year end!
End this December with a useful activities!
At least do your assignment now!
#said to my self :p
And have a blast new year party!

Last picture from my selca :p


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