One Evening

Going out with my family yesterday evening.
Daddy is trying to find a cheap massage tool (alat pijat), but can't find the cheap one in Amplaz ang Galeria. Why the cheap one? Because my daddy tends to buy new exciting tool easily and a lot, I mean, he buy one when a thing is come out, but never want to buy the expensive. -_-
Didn't took any picture together.
But I took some random pics and also a small haul in the end.
Read more to know what I buy :D
All time favorite snack! ƪ(˘ڡ˘)ʃ

We are the three musketeers with ice cream cone (≧∇≦)/
 Bought Takoyaki in front of Carrefour. Plan to take the picture first, but totally forget when I opened the box. Only buy one box which then attacked by the three musketeers. The four tako balls are gone in a minute :3
 Bathroom :p
 Heaven! (´⌣`ʃƪ)
Buy a bunch of Roti Boy!
Who doesn't like roti boy??
Last is a small haul from Carefour. I don't usually shop in Carrefour. It was just because I went there with my parents, they paid. wkwkwk >w<

1. Acnes Sealing Jell 18g Rp 26.000,-
Yes it is jell not gel, long ago when the first time I bought I thought it was misspelled or what, but then I found that it means jam or selai. The consistency of the product is like jam. It also comes in a 12g size.
2. Acnes Spot Care 12g Rp 29.000,-
3. Pond's Sun Dullness Removal
Bought this because of my curiousity on the name. I also need a soft scrub cleanser for everyday use. I always feel my skin become dull-er after a long day at school or when I was under the sun alot. Hope this will work on me and doen't break me out.
4. Citra Night Whitening 60ml Rp 6.000,-
My hand is so black and so belang compared with my white arm. Because I never wore gloves when I ride motorcycle. From the hype around beauty bloggers this past few week about this product, I hope it can brighten my hand. And yes, I should wear my gloves. I have but never wear it. #pity meeh ;o;
5. Viva Milk Cleanser in Bengkuang Rp 5.000,-

Have fun with your family guys!
Don't always only play with friends ;)
Thanks for reading!
Annyeong :D


  1. I am wanting to have the ice cream and takoyaki! Love them. Are you having problem with acne? Seems like most of your haul are for acne problem skin. I don't see acne on your face. :)

    1. uwaaa >_<

      I have acnes on my chin and forehead, just two-three, but the big one, you know, the kind which is really hurt if touched. My skin is oily and easily got big acnes if I'm lazy.

      So far Acnes Sealing Jell can help reducing the acnes and the redness. For the Spot Care, it can reduce the acne scars.
      I already believe in Acnes, nggak mau ambil resiko mencoba yang lain, hehe ;)

  2. salam kenal...
    kunjungan perdana....heummm,may i ask roti boy???really i like it..heumm yummiiiii >_<

    1. haai..
      salam kenal jugaa :D

      hihi.. udah abiiis >_<

      punya blog kah sis?


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