Black Friday Haul: Sigma Brushes

Last month, I won a Sigma gift card giveaway right before Sigma's black Friday event!
How lucky I am >_<
Sigma's shipping fee for international is expensive. Only once in a year, they have a free shipping event on black Friday. Last year, its only one day, but this year, its 22-23 November 2012 CST. yaaayness for international shoppers!
I won the gift card from +Handmade Reviews Lifestyle Blog 
She is holding a sigma giveaway every month!
Click the picture on my sidebar to go to the giveaway page.

She announced the October winners through twitter on 10th November. After I send my email, I didn't get any further information until 22nd November. Then I tweeted her that I haven't receive the gift card and I thought I can use it for the black friday.

She replied that she missed my DM and send me an extra giftcard!
At first, I thought I won the $20 or $15 giftcard, but then what I receive is $50!
I am totally shocked and excited! ;o;
I decided to purchase the $10 brushes, so I can get 5 brushes.
I choose from the top seller list. I really want to get the E45 Small Tapered Blending, because E40 Tapered Blending is top seller but its $12, BUT it was sold out. T.T
So this is my order..
Shipped from USA on 1st December. It took almost one month to arrive safely at my house on 23rd December. Not that long la~
I only have to pay Rp.7000 for the tax.
Let's open the box :D

The first on the top is a card from Sigma. Its basically told us how to take care the brushes. How to clean them for the first clean, the spot clean, and the deep clean.
Next is this bonus.
Actually, I was expecting to get the eyeshadow sample, but I am excited to get this brush as the bonus.
The E05 Eyeliner brush in hot pink! So cool and love love that it is hot pink! >o<
Now for the main part. The brushes is packaged in this box.
Here are the babies >o<
And last are Essential kit and Premium kit brochures.
So, this is all I got.
All of the brushes is made in P.R.C.
Do you know what P.R.C. stands for?
People's Republic of China
Yes, its not a suprising fact again, huh?
It has Sigma's logo on the metal ferrule. So classy, love it!
I think this is the newest design. I have the F80 Flat Top Kabuki I got a year ago, it doesn't have that logo.
Also the name of each brushes on the handle is cool, they have rainbow when the light shines the name, kinda like a hologram thing. Do you get what I mean? -_-a
Now let's move on to the brushes and it's description from Sigmabeauty.com.
E05 Eyeliner
Unique Feature: Fine tipped and tapered
Function: Create smooth and even lines
Recommended Use: Use with gel or liquid liners.

E20 Short Shader
Unique Feature: Soft and precise flat head
Function: Concentrated color application
Recommended Use: Apply color onto small areas of the eye such as the outer eyelid. Also use to smudge the lower lash line.

E55 Eye Shading
Unique Feature: Soft and dense bristles
Function: Even application of color
Recommended Use: Place color across the entire lid for an even and strong application of product.

Unique Feature: Small and slightly tapered flat brush 
Function: Conceal small areas 
Recommended Use: Conceal the hardest to reach areas such as around the nose and eyes. 

E30 Pencil

Unique Feature: Soft and tapered pencil tip

Function: Soften and smoke out liner
Recommended Use: Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines, add shadow to line the eyes, or use to highlight inner.

E65 Small Angle
Unique Feature: Angled, thin and firm head

Function: Create precise lining
Recommended Use: Moves fluidly and easily across the upper and lower lash lines. Use with gel, cream or powder liners.

I open the brochure and I know why I got those brochure, my brushes are there on the esential and premium kit.
E05, E30, E65, E55, and F70
E20 and E25 (I have E25)

There is a random thing I noticed.
Some picture of the brushes is on the real size.
Maybe its only me. haha #odd side of meeh  -___-"
Closer look.
First impression:
All of the brush are so soft and dense. They have a very good quality.
The E65 and E05 are so thin but strong and rigid. I haven't try them. I hope they can make a precise line. I need good eyeliner brush as I never leave home without eyeliner.
Not only those two, the other which are more dense than those two are also rigid but soft.
For E55 and E20, I hope they can take the eyeshadows well as their function is to cover the lid with eyeshadows.
The F70 is so rigid. Its quite thin and I can't wait to try it with my concealer to hide my acne scars #meeh
While for the E30, I still have to find out how to use it properly, haha O_o
According to the description I can smudge pencil liner with this. Maybe I will use it to soften the outer corner when I create a smokey eyes.
Please tell me in the comment how to use a pencil brush. ^^
Okay thats all from my Sigma haul.
Thanks for reading..
See you on the next post.
Annyeong! ^^


  1. aaa beruntungnya dirimu dear :D
    Giveawaynya ngapain tu ?

    1. thanks dear ^^

      gampang kok, biasanya cuma tweet and retweet tweetnya aja..
      bulan ini juga ada..
      cuss ke http://www.handmadereviews.net/2011/10/sigma-300-giveaway-and-sigma-coupon.html

  2. Awesome haul and u r very lucky to get $50 gift cards. I love sigma brushes. I always use pencil brush from sigma. It is awesome!

    1. thanks >_<

      What for you use the pencil brush Ros?

  3. wowww beruntungnyaaaaa.. pengen :( makasih infonya yahhhh

  4. aahh mauuu :D
    rajin banget ya dirimu ikutan giveaway :D
    aku ikutan giveawaynya michelle phan, tapi gak dpet -_-

    1. hehe.. coba ikut yg blog aja sis..
      males kalo ikut yg di youtube, chance nya keciiiiiil bangeeet. apalagi sekelas michele pan, yg ikut puluh bahkan ratus ribuan kan -__- aku g sempet nek suruh komen tiap hari biar chance nya gede..

      good luck sis ^^v

    2. hahaha iyaa bener banget, beb :P
      aku sekarang lagi cari2 giveaway yang blog :D
      udah ikutan dua wkwkw
      aku liat kamu juga ikutan :3

      Good luck juga sis :* :D

  5. sarah beruntung banget,,
    ur lucky girl....
    congratulation yaaa...
    apaaa resep nyaaa say, bisa menang giveaway internasional lagi///
    salut buat kamu :)

    1. hihi.. g ada resepnya kok..
      banyak ikut aja, hehe ^^

  6. whoa, km sering ikutan giveaway dan sering menang ya? ngiriiiiiii :(


  7. harganya lumayan mahal ya dek, tapi mungkin kualitasnya OK, ntar deh kalo dah kerja baru beli brush kek gini, untuk sekarang masami aja udah cukup hehehe, btw kamu beruntung ya sering menang giveaway :D

    1. iya mahal mbak, aku juga g bakal beli sendiri deh kalo g dapet giveaway itu, hihi :p


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