Jelly Pong Pong

Another winning post ;)
i won the Jelly Pong Pong Mystery Bag Giveaway over on Angel's blog http://lifeofangel.com/
Thanks to Angel and Jelly Pong Pong who sponsoring her giveaway ;)

Since it was a mystery, i'm suprised with the goodies i got.
I got three things: 
(sorry for the quality of pics :') )
image mine
image Jelly Pong Pong
image mine
Lip Cushion in Syrup
An irresistible cushion-soft gloss with a squishy, elastic texture. Apply it on lips for a sheer, translucent tint & to moisturize chapped skin. 
image Jelly Pong Pong
image mine
Shoe Palette in Vertigo Stiletto
Bronze Cream Eyeshadow + Pearl Gloss
Dedicated to shoe fanatics, Shoe Palette is a quirky twist to the classic lip-and-eye kit. We love that it comes in 2 wearable combinations to be layered, and a mirror in silent testament to women on the go. This shoe-themed palette, printed with a witty poem, contains complimenting cream shadow, lip shimmer and heaps of glamour. 
image Jelly Pong Pong
image mine
Supermodel Stain in No Breakfast
There's nothing emaciated about this deeply pigmented cream colour. Use our Supermodel Stain to smudge onto cheeks or tap onto lips for a very exciting wash of colour. Comes in a sexy crimson compact with mirror for added convenience. Beautifully scented, the long lasting formula holds through all skin types.

They all are fabulous!
Especially the Shoe Palette, the brown cream is a neutral (or nude?) color and i love it sooo much! Perfect for me!!
The Lip Cushion have a candy aroma, yummy ;p
The Supermodel Stain also a neutral one..
Love all!
Thanks Jelly Pong Pong for pick them up for me ;D

Marbleized Journal

sooo, i'm excited!! ;D
i won this Journals from Elle the owner of Ellemnop.com on a giveaway hosted by Kaelah of little chief honeybee
Its a DIY marbleized journal with japanese binding style..
Big thanks to Elle and Kaelah! ;D
she also give me sweet word with this cute card! ;D
You should check their blog, they are awesome!
Kaelah have a cute blog, i love her style..
Elle have awesome DIY blog!!
She has many great DIY project. This journal is one of her project, click this for DIY Marbleized Paper and DIY Journal

the questions is:
What should i do with this two cool journals?

for the small one, i think i will use that for a scrapbook!
find some photos, cut some papers, cards, or bows and stick them there.

what do you think? any idea?
leave comments below and let me know ;D

Keep Crafty guys!



IMG_5256 by azhezha
that was not me who hold the book, but Hanum, my besties. me who taking the picture.
Bought this for Rp80.000 today.
My school asks all of the student of grade 12 to collect a book to the library.
Every classes got different kind of books.
My class got English novels.
*i mean novels with english language.
So i decided to buy this Twilight. My school library didn't have it yet.
haha ;p

Hard to find english novel in Jogja.
So far, i only know one book store which sells impor books..
*near bottom escalator of Malioboro Mall.
it sell many great books..
i'm drooling over some books, but didn't have enough money for now..
i'll be back later ;)

Don't be Rude

i just want to let you know guys..
some day ago, someone anonymous commented here on my blog, on the Indonesia Raya post..
a rude comment!
i love you all my reader no matter where you come from..
so please just leave my page if you don't like..

and don't searching or googling on something you don't like then leave a rude comment!
that was a useless thing i think..
if you do that, seems like you care about that!
just leave it if you don't like!
everyone blogging or posting because of their own passion, so if didn't like don't be rude!
respect to everyone!

have a good week everyone!


Pulau Komodo

AYOOOO menangkan wisata ke Pulau Komodo 3 hari 2 malam untuk 5 orang pemenang. Hadiah termasuk tiket, akomodasi, dan uang saku.

image google


A-Z Me Tag

I found this tag at Jaci Walker blog , go say Hello to her! I just found her today, but i like her blog.
Oh, she has a F80 Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Giveaway on her blog, click picture below to win that great brush! ;D
ps: i really wanted to win one, wish me and you a good luck! ;)
And now, lets start the A-Z Tag..
  • Age: will be 19 on 29 October this year
  • Bed size: Single
  • Chore you hate:  washing plate, I don’t know why, I just prefer to do other house work than washing plate.
  • Dogs: I don’t have and will never
  • Essential start of your day:  Wash my face and avoid computer+internet
  • Favourite Colour: Green always!
  • Gold or Silver: Silver
  • Height: about 165 cm.
  • Instruments I play: a bit of piano, a bit of recorder (kind of flute or pipe)
  • Job Title: Student
  • Kids: None
  • Live: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Mum's Name:  Siti Makrifah
  • Nickname: Sarah
  • Pet Peeve: (I don’t really understand what this is mean? Can you tell me?)
  • Quote from a movie: Too many, I can’t remember exactly now, update soon
  • Right or Left handed: Right handed.
  • Siblings: Two younger sisters, Zula and Aghna
  • Time you wake up:  05.00 am, the alarm rings on 04.00 am actually, haha
  • Underwear: not from famous brand, but I feel comfort with them
  • Vegetables you dislike: eggplant, pare (kind of bitter veggie, you must cook it well to omit the bitter taste)
  • What makes you run late:  Internet! *sigh*
  • X-rays you've had done: Lungs X-ray, got bronchitis when 9 grade
  • Yummy food you make: Chicken Steak
  • Zoo Animal: Panda, Koala, they are cute ;)
And i Tag you all guys who read this! Comment here so i can read yours too ;)

Oh, and don't forget to enter my E25 Sigma Blending Brush travel size
click picture to go to giveaway 
Have a good day all.. ;D


i'm dying for this

image from Yuklui's, i collab them
you know what is that right?
they are THE Oh-So-Famous SLEEK Palette
i really wanted to have them since a loooong time. wish i can have one the original. thats fine.
but if i could win Yuklui's Giveaway, i would have that FOURTEEN Palette or more, she said 'if a new palette come out before i ship it to the winner, its gonna be in with the prize so its 15'
WOAA.. Its really a WOWnderful HUGE giveaway right??
Enter here on Yuklui's blog
ends 15 June

Good luck to me!
*finger crossed ;D
Good luck to you all..


Sigma E 25 Brush

Becoming Sigma's Affiliate, generously, Sigma sent this E 25 Travel size.
It was a super soft brush. i looooove this brush. Blends the eyeshadows perfectly..
 this travel size is also super cute. perfect for traveling or school maybe.
*just imagine, when will i can reach the full sized

Description from Sigma:
Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colors, and blend harsh lines.

hey, btw, do you want to try this cute brush?
again, Sigma is soo generous, offering one of my lovely friends to try out this brush.
Simply leave me a comment below on this post, tell me that you want to try this brush and your email addres.
For extra entries:
+1 for each tweet or facebook
+2 for sidebar with this picture and a link to this post
+3 for mention this giveaway and put a link to this post in one of your blog post
ends 5 June 2011

i will choose the winner randomly.
Good luck to you all..  ;D


Can't I Love You?

Sarang Hamyeon Andwelkka

Maebeon majuchil ttaemada
Niga useojulttamada
Jogeumsshik nae ane jogeumsshik
Neol hyanghan maeumi jaradeoni

Ijeneun neol saenggakhamyeon
Ni moseubeul tteoollimyeon
Jakkuman dugeun daeneun
Nae shimjangeun meomchuljul molla

Deo isang gamchul su eopneun naemam
Jeonbuda jugo shipeo OH

Hangsang gyeoteseo (ni yeopeseo)
Neol sarang hamyeon andwelkka
Nuguboda neoreul jikkigo shipeun mam
Badajumyeon andwelkka

Neoeui mamsoge (gaseum soge)
Naega isseumyeon andwelkka
Neoege gajang sojunghan sarami
Dwego shipeo eoseo nae mameul badajweo OH OH

Maeil maeil kkeojyeoganeun
Neol hyanghan sarang ttaemune
Nan jeongmal haru jongil
Amu geotdo hal suga eopseo

Ijeneun sumgil su eopneun nae mam
Neoro gadeuk chabeoryeosseo OH

back to blue

Ireon nae maeumeul arajweo
Algettago daedaphaejweo OH OOH

back to blue

Nae maeumeul arajweo

I Loooooooooooooove this song.. ;D
Especially when this song sung by the of them in video, IU and Kim Soo Hyun
The original version is sung by 2AM Changmin and Jinwoon.

Here's the translate, sweet song i think.. ;)

Can't I Love You?

Whenever I see you,
Whenever you smile for me

Little by little,
My feelings for you grew

When I think of you now,
When I picture you,
my beating heart doesn’t know how to stop

I can’t hide my feelings anymore
I want to give it all to you

I’m always close to you (next to you)
Can’t I love you?
This heart that wants to protect you more than anyone else,
Can you accept it?
To be the one that’s in your heart (in your heart),
Can’t I be that?
To be the most important person in your life,
Is what I want to be,
so quickly take my heart.

Everyday, because of my growing love for you
For the entire day,
I really can’t do anything at all.
Now its no secret
that my heart is filled with love for you

Please tell me now
that you know how I feel

Madiha 2000+ Followers Giveaway

Madiha is really a generous blogger, she has many giveaways on her blog.
go check out this one. she has reach 2000+ followers. congrats Madiha! ;D
ends 20 June


iPhone 4 in White Giveaway

image google
who didn't drooling on this new iPhone 4 in White??
i really wanted to have one!!
but, that pretty thing is too pricey for me..

btw, the beautiful Tasha has one for you in her giveaway!
click this picture to go to her blog and enter to win that White pretty thing!
ends 5.11.11

Good luck for me and all of you guys ;D