Fun Eyeliner

I'm sooo into eyeliner recently.
Just bought the Silky Girl Gel Eyeliner, review on next post.
I'm in love with gel eyeliner. Very easy to apply.
I found this picture in Tumblr.
Gorgeous right?
and taa daa.. this is mine.. hehe.. just simple and thin, my everyday eyeliner for school.
I'm not an expert yet and I'm still trying to make the perfect wing like on the top right of the picture above.

Happy Weekend

Friday was free (frii) day this week. Got it? hehe ;p
It was Nyepi Day, Saka New Years. I don't know whats the english name for it, hehe..
Many of my college friends came back to their hometown on Friday, even my friend, Laras, got home on Thursday evening.
Me? Just hanging around with my assignment. I made a list about what should I do on this weekend and shockingly, the list became so looong...
I made some papers, then made the presentation as well, then print out, then so on and so on.

Friday afternoon, I went out with my mother, then she bought me the new Revlon Lip Butter! I'm so happy!! Review on the next post!
Thank you so much Mom, love you ;*
Can you guess what color is this? ;D

Then on Saturday, went out with him to find for a pair of Futsal shoes.
We went to Babarsari which there are so many sport shoe shops.
We walk and walk, go in and go out from many shops, like almost over 10 shops, I didn't count.
I found out that men and women are actually same on shooping and choosing things. Very picky and need very long time. hihi :p
Look, the shoe is sooooo much. But its hard to find the one.
Finally, based on my opinion and him, he choose this white, grey, and light green. Actually, there is the dark green version, but there isn't any that fit his size.

After I got home, I bought this delicious jumbo Bakso, or Meatball!
You can't beat this Meatball!
It just perfect! The taste is very delicious, the taste is not too light but not too strong.
So far, this is my second favorite Meatball after the Bakso Lombok Ulek.
And this is my sister with the jumbo bakso.

Sunday morning started with a cup of hot chocolate and choco cookies.
Then having breakfast with Sambal Bawang, Tofu, Tempe, and Fried Egg.
This sambal can boost my appetite for sure!
With only Tofu and Egg, but I have a very yummy breakfast. And of course eat with hand is the best! :D

Then I went to my fish pool with Dad and sister. We fed the fishes.
I really love to feed the fish, because they are very attractive, see on the picture? Its a pleasure. :)
They are Dad and sister.

Aah, I write this post while studying for tomorrow test. I have Structure test every Monday.
Have a good last minute weekend everyone!
Say hi to the flower, Guava fruit, and chilli! :D
get ready to face another week and another Monday!
aja aja fighting!


Stay In Bed

I am sick. Still feel not good now.
Thursday evening my temperature was 38°C and I was home alone. I was shivering and trying to eat. Then my sister got home and she got me medicine.
Then I slept and got a bit better.
Friday I have Speaking test, so I forced my self to go to campus with my sister. She drove me to campus because she is in holiday for 1 week and 3 days! *envy*
The test finished at 11 a.m. then we went to Sardjito Hospital because my uncle was having surgery. I met my dad there and I went home first with my dad.
Friday afternoon, shockingly, my temperature was 39,4°C!
I ate and my dad got me medicine and I slept.
Saturday, mostly I slept the whole day. Kind a tired because I never sleep too long at daytime. But I can't stay sit too long, I feel dizy. So I just lying around my bed with my trouser and socks.

Trying not to worry that for TOMORROW MONDAY, I have 1 test and 2 assignment!
oh my god! T.T
I feel much better now.
And now I'm trying to study and do the assignment.
Wish tomorrow my condition will be better again. So I can do the presentation well.
amin amin amin.

Btw, the doctor is very kind.
And he suggest that we should eat Papaya and eat more fruit to avoid the illness such as influenza. Because Papaya has many vitamin C, he said.
I also like to drink Orange Juice, this one is Minute Maid Pulpy Orange.

Stay healhty and fruity friends! ;D
Wish me get well soon and I can finish all my work!
amin amin amin ;)


March Your List

meet me again this month :D
I don't know why, I'm not too busy last month, but didn't have blogging mood #upps,bad blogger *_*

anyway, happy March everyone
is it just me or you also feel that the time goes sooo fast?

Oya, I'm now an official staff of English Education Department Association in my college UNY.
A student organization who manage the English Department event.
I belong to the 5th Division, its the FUSION, Fund Rasising Division, our job is making money!!!
and thats my favorite hobbie ;p
Tomorrow Sunday, 11th March is the first meeting discussing about EDSA's program and event  for this year.
Hope everything going smooth and swift, aaamiiiin :D

I'm currently reading this book. Borrow the book from my friend. I'm very late. This book is best seller and like everyone has talking about it since century ago -____-
Even the movie is on theater right now.

I planned to buy the book since century ago too, but didn't have any chance yet. Instead of buy this book, I buy another book, because i think this book is not too good.
But I wrong. I just read like 50 pages now, but I already love the story. ^o^
Now the new cover of the book is same with that poster, I didn't like a book with its movie cover T.T
oh, btw, this book is already translated into english!! Just incase you want to read. Its a trilogy book, the second is Ranah 3 Warna and the last is contain number 1, still not published. So its 5, 3, and 1.

This is my sister, texting instead of studying. She has a mid term exam.

Do you know Kuaci?
I'm kuaci-ing with friends while the other is discussing about our campus trip to Borobudur Temple. hehe :p
Hope the trip goes well, aaamiiin :D

and last for this long post, say hello to my 'growing up' book collection
Wish i can have more and more and more, aaamiiin..
haha :p
too many wishes here..
just once more..
Wish me and all of you can do what you want to do this March.
Don't forget to make a list of what you want to do, so you will not forget every single task :D
aaamiiin :D

New Baby!!!

i'm so excited!!!
finally i can get my self a good camera!!!
taaadaaaa ;D
Canon Powershot A2200
Get this for only Rp. 1.000.000,-
The original price is 1.500.000,-
And the best part is i buy it with my own money ^o^

Its a gorgeous camera with a good quality.
And it also has Fish-Eye mode! how cool is that!
expect more post with more picture friends..
I'm in the mood of taking picture, wkwkwk