Stay In Bed

I am sick. Still feel not good now.
Thursday evening my temperature was 38°C and I was home alone. I was shivering and trying to eat. Then my sister got home and she got me medicine.
Then I slept and got a bit better.
Friday I have Speaking test, so I forced my self to go to campus with my sister. She drove me to campus because she is in holiday for 1 week and 3 days! *envy*
The test finished at 11 a.m. then we went to Sardjito Hospital because my uncle was having surgery. I met my dad there and I went home first with my dad.
Friday afternoon, shockingly, my temperature was 39,4°C!
I ate and my dad got me medicine and I slept.
Saturday, mostly I slept the whole day. Kind a tired because I never sleep too long at daytime. But I can't stay sit too long, I feel dizy. So I just lying around my bed with my trouser and socks.

Trying not to worry that for TOMORROW MONDAY, I have 1 test and 2 assignment!
oh my god! T.T
I feel much better now.
And now I'm trying to study and do the assignment.
Wish tomorrow my condition will be better again. So I can do the presentation well.
amin amin amin.

Btw, the doctor is very kind.
And he suggest that we should eat Papaya and eat more fruit to avoid the illness such as influenza. Because Papaya has many vitamin C, he said.
I also like to drink Orange Juice, this one is Minute Maid Pulpy Orange.

Stay healhty and fruity friends! ;D
Wish me get well soon and I can finish all my work!
amin amin amin ;)

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  1. Hope your feeling better and hope your presentation went well :)


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