Suzanne's 1st Giveaway ♥

I'm gonna share a lovely giveaway from Suzanne.
There will be 2 winners.

I invite you to join this giveaway!!
Please copy and paste my name
Sarah / zhe_zha@yahoo.com
at the "Who invited you?" section in the Rafflecopter if you know this giveaway from my blog.
Please be honest to tell her. 
Gomawo yo ^^

To enter this giveaway, just click on the picture above.

Good luck everyone 
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Mustika Ratu Goodies

Won this Mustika Ratu Goodies from a quiz held by Radio Anak Jogja
Special thank to my lovely friend, Pita ;*
(actually we, Indonesian, not saying Pita the way English says Peeta Melark, but a bit similar maybe)
There are three products.
Mustika Ratu Green Tea shampoo
The smell of this shampoo is a bit strong. Smell somewhat herb, I didn't notice the green tea smell.
Different from other conventional shampoo, this one doesn't lather much. You need to add more drops than usual shampoo, even my hair is only as long to my shoulder.
Then don't expect smooth hair like when you use Dove, I don't know how to say it. The foam didn't make the hair smooth. aaa, don't know how to say.
#Pokoknya jadi kayak nggumpal rambutnya, ga smooth gt.
After my hair dried, It looks like my real hair. I mean, nggak ngembang, apa sih ya.
If I use Dove, It will feel like after you blow dry your hair.
Its kind a similar with Pantene Nature Care, you will feel there's something wrong, because we usually use shampoo which makes our hair feel light. yes, this shampoo also make your hair light, but in different way.
In my opinion, its a good shampoo because it is natural and doesn't lather much. I just need to use it several times to be usual.
Mustika Ratu Bengkoang Whitening hand and body lotion
I like the unique lid. It has Mustika Ratu logo on it.
Sari Jeruk (Orange extract) White and Firm hand and body lotion
This one smell so fruity and fresh.
I want to bring it in my bag, but this is so big, 150 ml.

You know what, I have MANY lotions, from gifts and buy some myself.
Influenced by the ads in TV, then I bought this and that lotion. They kind a cheap.
But then, I realized, I have so many, what should I do to them? I'm too lazy to use them daily. I often forget to use them, even I already bring one in my bag.
Only when I feel my hands are so dry, then I will remember, 'Oh, I have lotion in my bag.'
ha ha ha -___________-
I need to make goals to use them before they expired.
Stay moist friends!
Put on your lotion!



Win Urban Decay, China Glaze, NYX Cosmetics worth 360 USD or IDR 3.500.000 !!!
uwoooo \^o^/
this is an amazing giveaway!!
HURRY enter, ends 15 June
ends 20 June
ends 30 June


Viva Cosmetics Goodies

Hi guys!
Today, I'll show you what I get from Viva Cosmetics, an Indonesian brand.
I receive this as prizes, because I won a quiz on Viva Cosmetics Facebook Page.
The quiz was held on 30 May, the winner announced on 31 May, and I got my prize yesterday, 4 June.
I'll just show you the goodies.
I'll review them later.
And let me know if there is a product you are interested in and want to know more, or maybe you already use some products, let me know in the comment ;D

Here's the goodies..
Came in a box with shredded paper.
The goodies came in a set in a cute pink plastic bag with Viva 50th anniversarry logo.
Here they are: 5 full products, 3 samples, 1 wash cloth, Viva product catalog, Beauty tips flyer, 2 Viva 50th anniversary stickers, and an ads about Viva Contest going on now on Viva's Facebook. 
Viva Bengkuang Body Scrub
This scrub smells good. I will try this morning.
Viva Hand and Nail Cream
Viva Skin Food Cream Extra Care
This is Viva's newest product.
The quiz I won is a guessing quiz on this products. Viva give a picture of this tube without anything written on the tube and we should guess the name. I find the name of this product on Viva Cosmetics Website.
You know what, I'm the first person who have the right answer. Viva took 25 first commenter with right answer.
This has sweet smell, I like.
Viva Hand and Body Lotion Bengkuang
Viva Massage Cream
Viva White and Cleam Mask
Green: for oily-acne skin
Orange: for dry-fine wrinkle skin
Pink: for all skin type
I already using this mask, I have the pink one. The first varian comes out is the pink one, the other two are new.
I looooove the pink mask, so I'm excited to try the other two.
Wash Cloth with Viva label
Viva product catalog, Beauty tips flyer, 2 Viva 50th anniversary stickers, and an ads about Viva Contest going on now on Viva's Facebook
The beauty tips flyer contain some useful tips about makeup. the catalog also has many beauty tips beside information about the products.
You can go to  Viva Cosmetics Facebook Page  to see that ads, its a photo contest.
I plan to join that contest, hehe
Wish me luck guys, and you to if you want to join.
There's many interesting prizes to win.
I wish i can win the netbook, amin amin amin :)

Actually, they all have nice smeel, hehe

Leave comment guys..
Wait for my review. I need to try the first, right?


Kuki Bakery Donuts Attack

Kuki Bakery is one of bakery in Jogja.
Kuki sells donuts, cake, lasagna, cupcakes, even fondant cakes!!
See Kuki's beautiful cake at
Kuki currently having retweet contest on twitter.
The best mention and retweet every week will get dozens of Kuki's donuts for FREE!!!
The announcement is every Friday morning.
Follow their twitter at @kukibakery

Then on Friday, May 4th, 2012 I came out as the second winner...
yaaaay \^o^/
I won a dozen of this donut.
Then, again, on Friday, May 18th, 2012
I am the first winner..
super yaaaaay \^O^/
This is me claiming the donuts and cakes in Kuki Bakery.
they are the delicious donats and cakes!!!
TWO DOZENS, 18 donuts and 6 cakes..
Thats ridiculuos!!
Kuki Bakery... you are so generous..
love youuuu ^3^
#ngarep dikasih gratisan lagi ;p

Next, I'll introduce you to Kuki Bakery's products,
and I'll let you drooooooling, xixixi ;p

First is the round-holed donuts, usual shape of donuts.
They come in various flavor.


This are Icing Sugar Filling Donut (donut icing sugar filling), thats how Kuki named them.
The filling also various, blueberry, strawberry, and chocolate.

Choco Butter Cupcake
This is Taro Cupcakes
Taro is Ubi Ungu, I don't know the english name, sorry, try to googling ya
Red Velvet Butter Cupcakes
red velveeeeeet #Screaaaam ^O^

dum duruduuuuum...
my favorite iiiis
Original Blueberry Baked Cheese
Original Strawberry Baked Cheese
They are soooooooooo yuuuummy sweeeet >o<
The jam is sweet and the cake underneath is sooooo cheeeeesy!!
I mean we can taste the cheese for sure..
I want it right now ToT

I also bought another two sweeties.
Devil Cake
When you buy this, the shopkepper will ask you if you want to warm the cake up on the oven first, because....
the chocolate inside will melt when you bite it!!!
I don't know why but i feel that the cake is a bit crispy, not smooth as the baked cheese.
Thats what makes the cake special I think. :D
the famous Rainbow Cake!!
I say, this is the first generation, I think.
Because until now, Kuki have different kind of rainbow cake, even Ombre Cake!!

nah, thats long post of delicates right?
ha ha ha #evil laugh
now, are you hungry enough?
or craving to try one of them?
cuss ciiin..
go to Kuki Bakery Jl. Flamboyan 34C, in front of FT UNY
here's the map
One more pics guys
I have hot coffe and sweet donuts for you ;p
have a sweet days :D

Hello June

Happy June everyone!!!
“May the odds beever in your favor!”
Are you familiar with this sentence?
Yes, that is from Hunger Games. I'm now working on the third book.
I'm addicted.
I know its too late, huh? haha
Its hard to put down the book!!
I'll try to review after I finish the third.
You should read the book, because I don't think the movie is clear enough, my friend who hasn't read the book can't get the story from the movie well. I have to explain.
I want Katniss's braid, though. But my hair is not long enough for that braid.
and I love this pics, they are awesome boys and girls! -I think-
Maybe some of you already sick of Hunger Games?
I'm not -yet-, haha ;p

I will have two weeks of school breaks. Then the third week will be the Final Test of this semester.
I don't like long holiday!
Why don't held the test just next week and then long holiday after?
I don't like having long break before test because I'll be lazy to study then I'll forget the materials and then in the last days of the holiday I have to work hard to study all of those materials again!!! rawr -o-

eeh~ FYI, Maybelline Baby Lips finally arrives safely in Indonesia!!
yaaay \^o^/
First time I read about them on Amber's review from http://www.beautyjunkiesunite.com/
read here: 
or you can googling soooo many reviews and swatches from other bloggers.
They are very cute, aren't they? ;D
image from Amber's review
Maybelline claims that it can make your lips soft and reduce lips fine lines in 4 weeks, clinically tested.
And it has SPF 20.

I plan to get my hand on this cutie as soon as I can go to the counter.
Maybe I'll take the Cherry Me, the orange tube one above. The color will match me I think.

btw, there is a cute blog whose owner is Airi. She is very cute and so is her blog!
She is holding a giveaway right now.
Click and join!

ends 25 June

Hope I can blog more on these two weeks and hope I didn't become too lazy too study.
Hope I have a wonderful holiday.
Hope my upcoming tests will be great!
and hope you have awesome days because you are willing to read my rambling until the end.
Love you