Sigma Beauty's The Cities Collection

Sigma Beauty's limited edition travel collection is now ready to shop!
Glamorous and fashionable, this collection features seven travel-size brushes from Sigma Beauty's best-selling Essential and Premium Kits
The brushes come in an innovative and functional travel-size container that turns into two brush holders to keep you stylish and organized on the go. Each kit was designed to represent the beauty and excitement of the city it is named after.

The Cities - New York features classic and always stylish silver ferrules and black handles, representing this sleek fashion-forward city ($59).
The Cities - London features 18K gold-plated ferrules and chestnut handles, representing London's poise and elegance ($89).
The Cities - Tokyo features electrifying pink ferrules and handles, representing this metropolis and its trend setting culture ($59).
The Cities - Paris features red ferrules and handles, representing the romance capital of the world ($59)

 Thats awesome collection right?
I want The Paris one!
Which one do you like?
Tell me on the comment box ;)

If you decide to buy one of these cool awesome limited edition kit, don't forget to buy Sigma Beuaty's Dry 'n Shape to keep your brush in shape.
use TIFFANY5 and you will get $5 OFF of the Dry 'n Shape!!

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Have an awesome week everyone! ^-^


Win 80$ worth of your chosen brand!

EMsy from http://balderdashinn.blogspot.com/ is having her first Huge Giveaway..
the prize is....
Choose one brand and you can win 80$ worth of your chosen brand!!
that is awesome right!
you can choose MAC, get many products from ELF, or get all of gorgeous Sleek palette!
click the picture to enter!

Good luck for us :D


Handmade Reviews Sigma $300 Giveaway

Sigma Brushes Coupon Code

Ten winners will each win a $20 Sigma gift certificate and one grand prize winner will win a $100 Sigma gift certificate. This giveaway is open internationally. Ends November 20th, 2011 11:59pm EST.
With eleven winners and $300 in prizes.
How cool is that!
Go to Handmade Reviews to enter.
Good luck everyone!


Oriflame Perfect Match Eye Shadow Duo

I bought this Oriflame Perfect Match Eye Shadow Duo in Grey Light because it looks so neutral, pink and brown.

What Oriflame says on the website:
Oriflame Perfect Match Eye Shadow Duo (Indonesia) (UK)
High coverage eyeshadow duos for perfectly matching make-up results. Velvety smooth texture that blends seamlessly leaving a luminous film of colour. Contains light- reflecting mineral mica for added shimmer. Apply dry for a silky finish or wet for intense, long-lasting colour.
From the Indonesia website, said that the eyeshadow will long last till 7 hours. I'm not sure about this statement, today i use it on a wedding for about 5 hours, maybe because i didn't use primer, the eyeshadow not long last.
swatch on a white tissue
The color is baby pink and light brown, so if you didn't use primer the color will not pop-out. Its perfect for daily use. Its also handy, you can bring it on your make up bag.
comparison with my sister's broken phone
I try to achieve this looks...
picture from Sarah Merchant's etsy shop
I open her shop because our name is same ;p
and then i love her handmade eyeshadow, check out her shop
But maybe because i am not a professional, i'm still a new born on the makeup world, i failed! haha -.-"

The original price is 99.000 IDR (for about 10 USD), its on sale and i got it for only 29.900, very good deal.
The original price is quite pricey for IDR, Wardah eyeshadow duo is 34.500 IDR.

Order this product directly from me
You can order this product directly from me
If you would like to order this product feel free to email me at sarahazhezha@gmail.com
And i will reply you with the detail.

Have a great Monday bloggies :D

Oriflame Consultant

I want to tell you, i'm an official Oriflame Consultant, you can buy Oriflame products from me or join Oriflame and be a consultant :D

This last year offers is very interesting!!
But sorry, it's only for Indonesian people.. If you are not living in Indonesia, find an Oriflame consultant in your countries if you want to know more.. :D

Promo ini berlaku ntuk semua orang yang berdomisili di Indonesia...

Gabung GRATIS dan dapatkan hadiah kecantikan total Rp.649.000,-!!!

Cara Bergabung Gratis:
  1. Bergabung menjadi Consultant Oriflame hanya dengan Rp.39.900,-
  2. Lakukan order pertama dan dapatkan potongan harga senilai Rp.39.900,-
  3. Jadi uang pendaftaran balik!! bergabung bersama Oriflame GRATIS!
Kamu juga bisa dapetin produk-produk Oriflame secara GRATIS dengan mengikuti Beauty Treasure Welcome Program, caranya:
  • Welcome Program 1
    Meraih kualifikasi Welcome Program step 1 dengan order 100 poin selama 30 hari setelah bergabung di Oriflame dan dapatkan Triple Core Lipstick senilai Rp. 149.000,- GRATIS!
  • Welcome Program 2
    Meraih kualifikasi Welcome Program step 2 dengan order 100 poin selama 30 hari kedua setelah bergabung di Oriflame dan dapatkan maksimal 2 produk di katalog sesuai pilihanmu, senilai total Rp. 200.000,- GRATIS!
  • Welcome Program 3
    Meraih kualifikasi Welcome Program step 1 dengan order 100 poin selama 30 hari setelah bergabung di Oriflame dan dapatkan maksimal 2 produk di katalog sesuai pilihanmu, senilai total Rp. 300.000,- GRATIS!
Asiiiik kaaan???

Makanyaa... ayo gabuuuuung ;D

email akuuuuu yuuuuk ;D
aku jelasin lebih lanjuuuuut



Back to Basic

I am subscribing to Olivia's blog: Beauty Obsessed
Find Olivia here http://odmakeup.com/
She is a make up artist.

I love her post series called Back 2 Basic.
Basically, the post talks about basic thing about something.
(errr, thats not a good english sentence i think)
One of the post i love is the Analysis of the skin, especially the combination and oily.
She also has Back 2 Basic for brushes, beauty and health, and make up kit.

I'll share the Combination and Oily because i'm not sure, am i have combination or oily
ha ha -.-"
Analysis of the skin: Combination

Oily through the t-zone.
Dry Cheeks.
Visible pores on the forhead, chin, and nose.
This is the hardest skin type to maintain. For the oily areas on your face you want to treat them as you would if your whole face was oily. A mild cleaner in this area will work best! To learn what kind of skincare routine you should use for this section of the face check out this Oily Skin Analysis
! For the dry areas on your face you want to treat these spots as you would if your whole face was dry. A denser moisturizer in only these areas will benefit! 
Check out the Dry Skin Analysis for more info! 
Analysis of the skin: Oily
Very shiny, especially throuh the t-zone (the forehead, nose and chin).
May have large visable pores.
Frequent breakouts.
When taking care of oily skin and the prevention of breakouts, your first concern is finding a healthy diet suitable for you. You also want to make sure that you are following a regular skincare routine at least twice a day. You want to look for alcohol free astringent to remove excess oils and oil free moisturizers.
Hope this Back 2 Basic can be helpful too for you...
Because this post really helpful for me...
and big thanks to Olivia ;D

have a great weekend everyone ~^o^~


préférées (Paris) : favorite (English)

This Live the Language is a series, go to http://www.youtube.com/user/EF
You'll find other countries, not only Paris.

Agenda Hijabers Community Yogyakarta

lets join ukhti ;D

keep stylist with your hijab ^o^


Satu Paket POND's Giveaway

ngiler g liat gambarnyaaa?
dapet satu paket produk baru POND's masih tambah pouch lucu Surfer Girl!
ada SEPULUH paket buat SEPULUH orang yang beruntung!
ayo ikut giveaway di blognya Hanna Anindhita
klik gambar buat ikutan!

good luck everyone!!
good luck me!!
*semoga aku satu dari sepuluh yang beruntung ;)