Oriflame Perfect Match Eye Shadow Duo

I bought this Oriflame Perfect Match Eye Shadow Duo in Grey Light because it looks so neutral, pink and brown.

What Oriflame says on the website:
Oriflame Perfect Match Eye Shadow Duo (Indonesia) (UK)
High coverage eyeshadow duos for perfectly matching make-up results. Velvety smooth texture that blends seamlessly leaving a luminous film of colour. Contains light- reflecting mineral mica for added shimmer. Apply dry for a silky finish or wet for intense, long-lasting colour.
From the Indonesia website, said that the eyeshadow will long last till 7 hours. I'm not sure about this statement, today i use it on a wedding for about 5 hours, maybe because i didn't use primer, the eyeshadow not long last.
swatch on a white tissue
The color is baby pink and light brown, so if you didn't use primer the color will not pop-out. Its perfect for daily use. Its also handy, you can bring it on your make up bag.
comparison with my sister's broken phone
I try to achieve this looks...
picture from Sarah Merchant's etsy shop
I open her shop because our name is same ;p
and then i love her handmade eyeshadow, check out her shop
But maybe because i am not a professional, i'm still a new born on the makeup world, i failed! haha -.-"

The original price is 99.000 IDR (for about 10 USD), its on sale and i got it for only 29.900, very good deal.
The original price is quite pricey for IDR, Wardah eyeshadow duo is 34.500 IDR.

Order this product directly from me
You can order this product directly from me
If you would like to order this product feel free to email me at sarahazhezha@gmail.com
And i will reply you with the detail.

Have a great Monday bloggies :D

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