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I am subscribing to Olivia's blog: Beauty Obsessed
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She is a make up artist.

I love her post series called Back 2 Basic.
Basically, the post talks about basic thing about something.
(errr, thats not a good english sentence i think)
One of the post i love is the Analysis of the skin, especially the combination and oily.
She also has Back 2 Basic for brushes, beauty and health, and make up kit.

I'll share the Combination and Oily because i'm not sure, am i have combination or oily
ha ha -.-"
Analysis of the skin: Combination

Oily through the t-zone.
Dry Cheeks.
Visible pores on the forhead, chin, and nose.
This is the hardest skin type to maintain. For the oily areas on your face you want to treat them as you would if your whole face was oily. A mild cleaner in this area will work best! To learn what kind of skincare routine you should use for this section of the face check out this Oily Skin Analysis
! For the dry areas on your face you want to treat these spots as you would if your whole face was dry. A denser moisturizer in only these areas will benefit! 
Check out the Dry Skin Analysis for more info! 
Analysis of the skin: Oily
Very shiny, especially throuh the t-zone (the forehead, nose and chin).
May have large visable pores.
Frequent breakouts.
When taking care of oily skin and the prevention of breakouts, your first concern is finding a healthy diet suitable for you. You also want to make sure that you are following a regular skincare routine at least twice a day. You want to look for alcohol free astringent to remove excess oils and oil free moisturizers.
Hope this Back 2 Basic can be helpful too for you...
Because this post really helpful for me...
and big thanks to Olivia ;D

have a great weekend everyone ~^o^~

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