MAC Viva Glam V

I won a MAC Viva Glam Lipstick from Alicia.
She has amazing blog named Funny Face Beauty
Go to her blog and say hi to her! ;D
to Alicia:
thank you very much for the lipstick!
i can't get this here in Indonesia, because the price is too expensive here for a student like me. ^_^
It has sheer light pink brownis color.
I have warm tome lips and it was perfect!!
I looooooove this lipstick.
One thing I didn't like is the glitter. If I swipe it several time it looks too much on me.
But I just do one-two swipe.
And its gorgeous!!! >o<
Its kind of dilematic, I love it but if I use it often, it will run out fast, and I can get it here in Jogja. MAC is Only available in Jakarta I think and online shop.
But its like IDR 200.000,-
aaaah.. I feel sooo lucky this time..
Wish I can be as lucky as this for the Naked 2 giveaway, hehe
amin amin amin

And this is me with the lipstick.
Sorry, not a clear picture, this was in hurry. I'll try to take another picture.

I'm going to pay my college fee and go to school to find some school information.
always smile and have a good day bloggies ;D

Express Yourself

excuse my face -___________-
in a mood of blogging but not in the mood of makeup-ing
just put on powder and lipstick
(my first MAC lipstick! Viva Glam V! yaaay ;D
wait my next post, tomorrow morning maybe, the lighting is bad at night)
will take some pics again tomorrow morning, its already night

my own cotton shawl!! yaaay ;D
i bought two meters of cotton fabric and cut it into three
each shawl is 200 cm x 60 cm
i am planning to open an online shop and i'm trying to make it my self
yaaayness!! ;D

Jika kamu tertarik untuk memilikinya, message me!
cotton shawl abu-abu cuma Rp. 35.000
inner Rp. 15.000
(belum ongkir)
available only 2 shawls
hurry! ;D

have a good saturday night bloggies :D

My 'Not Everyday' Makeup

Continuing my previous post about my everyday makeup routine, here is the 'Not Everyday Makeup' hehe ;p
They are
1. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream
You kno BB cream right? Its famous! I decide to try one from Maybelline. I like it, but i just didn't like to wear it everyday, I like the Very Me Peach Me more than this for daily. But for special occasions, i use this for sure. It stay longer than Peach Me.

2. Oriflame 2FX Mascara
I rarely use mascara. My lashes is already black and long, not too long actually. I like it bare than feel like so heavy with thick mascara. When i want to use it, I apply it lightly. And its not waterproof, so if I pray at school, my eyes will be like Panda. I'm also planning to get waterproof mascara, maybe from Maybelline.

3. Wardah Wondershine Lipgloss in Creamy Brown
I like this, it smell like a chocolate cake i think. But its still can't help my lips from dry. I use it at home if i want to go to a shop or somewhere. And I often use this on top of Pure Colour and Lipmania for special occasion.

4. Oriflame Very Me Lipmania in Vibrant Peach
Its nice orange pinky colour. I like this, but it just too bold for daily. Often, I use this first and Pure Colour on the top of this. And sometimes Wondershine on top of that two. hehe ;p

5. Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo
It has a spidol tip. Not too easy to apply, because the eyeliner didn't come out smoothly. I use this to make the outline of wing cat eyeliner. And its not waterproof so if I made a mistake on making the outline I can remove it easily.

Thats all.
Hope you enjoy! ;D

Everyday Basic Makeup

I didn't wear much make up to school. Because in Indonesia, students, both school and college, wearing makeup is not a habit or usual. Also teacher, actually are not allowed to wear alot of makeup.
I will share my basic daily face routine..
These are my stuff.
This is a tinted moisturizer which has a little glitter when you apply it. Its light and has sheer finish. I apply it just like a foundation.
This is a concealer which not only hide imperfection but also treat the acne scars. It contains Salicylic acid which is good to get rid of acne.
3. Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder
It just a usual powder. I use this because it claims that it can absorb oil. I have very oily face. In the morning it was fine, but just at 10 a.m. my nose become oily. You know what, this is my second  products and it has hit the pan.
Can you recommend a good powder for me before I buy a new one?
I apply this powder with that Hello Kitty or with Oriflame Powder Brush. Thats my third Hello Kitty, i didn't like when the sponge get dirty.
4. Wardah Pencil Eyeliner
Usual eyeliner in black. Wardah is a halal beauty brand in Indonesia. I wear this eyeliner almost everyday even when i'm not wearing any makeup. I just feel a bit more confident.
Sometimes i feel like bare without eyeliner. But sometimes when i'm too lazy I just use the Wardah eyeliner. Mine is in grey, but its not too grey, it just light black with glitter. now I'm planning to buy black eyeliner without glitter.
Its a very nice pink-orange colour, sheer finish almost like nude colour. I love this than a lipgloss and its very moisturizing my lips. My lips didn't get dry with this.
7. Blush On from Cargo Lumieres du Monde Pallete
This is the palette
This is the blush + bronzer
This blush is gorgeous, it has glitter. I like it. But I'm also planning to buy another blush in orange and pink without glitter for school. I rarely using this blush to school, I'm not confident because its glitter.
I apply it with this Orflame Blush Brush. This brush is just perfect for me. Fit my cheeks so well. Just with one wipe and the blush is set up.

Yap, thats my everyday basic makeup routine.
Next post is my 'not daily' makeup. This will be long if I put it here.

Hope you enjoy and hope this post is helpful.
Thanks for reading.
Waiting for your response and recommendation of a powder for an oily face.

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The Sheep Eat Cupcakes

Last Week i made Chocolate cupcakes
It was delicious eventhough it does not inflate well (bantat) ;p
Buy Filosofi Kopi AGAIN!
haha -________-
Because it has the synopsis of Partikel, the fourth novel of Supernova series by Dewi Lestari
Thats wonderful novel!
Partikel will be published this year, the date not fix yet.
And i'm super happy for this Shaun The Sheep doll.
Mom bought this for my little sister.
I want the big one!
It is very hug-able >o<
And today is Tuesday.
Lets pray this week will be exciting ;D


Surat Untuk Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari

Untuk Blog Contest Mizan.com
Hai Kak Dewi Lestari,

Saya salah satu dari ratusan, bahkan mungkin ribuan penggemarmu. Saya jatuh cinta pada semua novelmu kak. Jujur, pertama kali kenal kak Dee itu dari lagu Malaikat Juga Tahu. Sebelumnya, saya sering dengar tentang Supernova, saya tahu ada seseorang bernama Dewi Lestari, tapi saya belum 'ngeh'. Saya kira Supernova itu buku science fiction yang hanya dibaca oleh orang-orang bahasa, haha. ;p

Sejak lagu itu, saya mulai cari tentang kak Dee. Saya mulai tahu novelnya. Novel pertama saya adalah Perahu Kertas. Kemudian mulai mengoleksi semua. Bahkan gara-gara penasaran dengan Partikel, saya beli Filosofi Kopi lagi. Perahu Kertas berhasil menjadi novel tebal kedua, setelah 5cm,  yang dibaca salah satu sahabat saya. Itupun karena saya dan sahabat yang lain memaksa 'Baca deh, bagus!' Akhirnya dia baca dan suka.

Saya sangat kagum, bagaimana kak Dee bisa memiliki banyak pengetahuan. Mulai dari fisika, kopi, roti, bahkan biologi jika dilihat dari cuplikan Partikel. Saya juga masih tidak percaya, bagaimana bisa ada ladang ganja sebesar dalam Akar tanpa banyak orang tahu. Bahkan saya berdebat dengan teman gara-gara masalah ini karena setahu kami pohon ganja itu pendek seperti pohon ketela. Akhirnya saya men-tweet kak Dee dan dijawab bahwa kebun itu memang nyata. Apa badan internasional yang meng-ilegalkan ganja diam saja? Atau mereka tidak tahu? Mungkin mereka belum baca Akar. ;p

Kak Dee berarti telah mengkonsep Supernova dari yang pertama sampai besok yang terakhir. Buku apa saja yang dipesan dari Amazon itu? Pastilah buku-buku science yang keren. Anda adalah penulis favorit saya! Seandainya kak Dee bisa menjawab surat ini, senangnya hatiku. :D Terutama bagian ganja itu kak, saya sangat dan teman-teman sangat penasaran.

Sekian surat dari saya, maaf jika lebih banyak bertanya. Hanya curahan hati seorang penggemar untuk seorang idolanya. :')

Dari: Sarah Mar'atul Azizah
Untuk: Mizan.com