Express Yourself

excuse my face -___________-
in a mood of blogging but not in the mood of makeup-ing
just put on powder and lipstick
(my first MAC lipstick! Viva Glam V! yaaay ;D
wait my next post, tomorrow morning maybe, the lighting is bad at night)
will take some pics again tomorrow morning, its already night

my own cotton shawl!! yaaay ;D
i bought two meters of cotton fabric and cut it into three
each shawl is 200 cm x 60 cm
i am planning to open an online shop and i'm trying to make it my self
yaaayness!! ;D

Jika kamu tertarik untuk memilikinya, message me!
cotton shawl abu-abu cuma Rp. 35.000
inner Rp. 15.000
(belum ongkir)
available only 2 shawls
hurry! ;D

have a good saturday night bloggies :D

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