L'Oreal Base Magique

L'Oreal Base Magique
Transforming Smoothing Primer
Rp 149.000,-
15 ml

L'Oreal said:
"Smoothness you can touch, transformation you can see, even up close!
Base Magique transforming smoothing primer instantly smoothes pores and creates an even surface, so that you get a more flawless make-up result that lasts. The silky, lightweight formula glides onto skin and minimises the look of pores and fine lines to transform your skin surface."
Its quite small. The jar is made of glass and the lid is from a sleek black plastic with L'Oreal logo on top of it. Did you get the feel that its an luxurious product?
This is actually a face primer to keep your makeup stay all day.
But I only use it as an eyeshadow base.
I use only that much above for one eye.
For the entire face, I think you only need a corn seed size.
I'll give an update if have try this for my face.
So, with this much products, maybe this will last for more than a years for me who only use this on eyelid, haha ;p
Actually, I'm not quite sure about the quantity, because there's no info on the jar and it doesn't come with a box, I found on Sasa its 15 ml.
The textures is thick and like a gel. If you touch it, the primer is kinda bouncy like a jelly.
The colour is light pink, its cute, hehe ;p
After you apply this your skin will become soooo smooth like there's a wax layer.
I can easily apply my gel liner after that.

The best thing is this primer hold my eyeliner for a day long!
Noted that I use my makeup at morning around 6.30 before school, then at school with my oily lid and I take wudhu for 2 times.
At 5 p.m., the eyeshadow and the liner is still there! :O
Eventhough the wing of the eyeliner  and the eyeshadow is a bit disappeared because I rub my eyes, overall, the liner is still 90% fine.

I  use both colors from Oriflame perfect match eyeshadow duo, light pink and light brown, and Revlon luxurious color satin eyeshadow in silver.

I had a hard time on finding a good way to use the oriflame eyeshadow because they are a bit chalky and not pigmented. Revlon has great quality, but still I need more than one swipe to get the perfect silver.
1 swipe without primer.
Abrakadabra! Magic happens!
1 swipe with L'Oreal Base Magique!
See the difference right?
The oriflame eyeshadows becomes more intense and so does the Revlon eyeshadow!

+Luxurious packaging
+Quite small, travel friendly
+Makes your skin becomes smooth
+Hold my makeup all day long
+Makes the eyeshadow more intense
+Easy to blend on eyelid, don't know yet how it blends on face
+Pink jelly textures, hehe

-Expensive for college student -_-
I would love to re-purchase if only I could.

fyi, I got this for free from L'Oreal because I won a quiz on L'Oreal Facebook Page.
But no one forces me to do this review, except my self la, this is honest review from me.

Read here to know what I got:

Overall, I love this Primer.
I would recommend this to you! :D

Have you tried this primer?
Share me your experience! :D


  1. waaaa, ternyata base ini bisa buat mata juga *ga pernah kepikiran*

    bagus yak, jadi pengen coba :p

    btw following you ^^


    1. hihi.. kepikirannya gimana sis? udah pernah coba?
      aku malah pertama kali tak kira buat mata aja, ternyata face primer..

      following you back ^o^

  2. It looks cool and promising.. really need to save money to buy some hehehehe..

    i am hana from http://beauty-chica.blogspot.com/
    mampir mampir ya..

    1. hai Hana.. Nice to know you..

      yaa, you should buy this if you can ;)

      btw, random fact, sekarang aku lagi baca buku entitled Hana, short story Delirium by Lauren Oliver, hihi.. googling Delirium kalo pengen tahu, itu novel, bagus lhoo..

      following you :)

  3. sayang kemasannya jar, males colak colek,harganya jg lumayan mehi yak

    1. iya ses, padahal setelah pake moisturizer dkk males cuci tangan lagi >o<

      aku juga belum tentu beli sendiri sih :p
      masih ada viva, latulipe, au beau yg nggak kalah bagus kan..

  4. Ooo I'd love to try this someday :)


  5. Great review, seems like a really good review.


  6. I've tried it and it's not disappointed me for some time but it tends to get flakey when I rub it too much. I'm using monistat right now and found it as best primer ever. I still use loreal base magique as eyeshadow primer but for repurchasing it. I dont think I would


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