I Love October

Happy October all! \^o^/
Wish we can get the best experience this month!
May the odds will always be with you, hehe :p
First of all, It's my birthday month! ~^o^~
I want a fruit cake!
Though there's no birthday celebration tradition in my family, maybe I will get a fruit cake my self.
*sigh*sad* :(
Kidding la, I'm not that sad, birthday is not always about celebration.
It just feel better if some people around me do care. Right? ;)
Next is Autumn and Halloween.
Again, though Indonesia didn't have them,especially Autumn.
I always like to see other bloggers halloween party post.
I always love seeing the Autumn pictures, the orange leaves.
In october, Indonesia, my beloved country, has two historical dates to commemorate.
Hari Kesaktian Pancasila, today 1st October.
Hari Sumpah Pemuda, 28th October.
A day before my birthday.

We should be grateful for everything we have.
 Hope you guys have a blast October!

Tell me in the comment if this month is yours too! ^^

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