Know Your Makeup Ingredients

I am browsing on Google for a product review when I came across on an exciting website.
I just discovered this website, maybe this just me who didn't know yet, but I want to share to my beauty blogger friends who haven't know about this website.

This website I'm talking about is COSMETIC INGREDIENTS SEARCH
Cosmetics product ingredient analysis, simply paste cosmetic full ingredients, and known each ingredient risks(comedogenic, irritation and safety) and benefits.
This is the homepage.
I find that this website is very useful, helpful, and informative!
 First, you can find any products you want to know the ingredients.
Just write the name and click Find Cosmetic.
Second, you can find a particular ingredient.
Click the Ingredients tab and search it. 
Third, you can analyze the ingredients in a product at once.
Click the Analyze Cosmetics tab.
 This, which I wrote, are the ingredients of Face On Face Nourishing Two Way Cake.
The ingredients was analyzed by the Function, UV, Acne, Irritant, and Safety.

We can also register and make an account in order to submit a product analysis.
Look at the bottom of the picture above, we can name the product and 'save this product'.
Then, yeah, I submit the Face On Face analysis, hehe ^^
After that, it will look like this.
This is the complete analysis.
Take a look at the website, It is a really helpful website.

You can click the question mark beside the Safety to get an info about the green, yellow, and red bar. Although the info is not much and quite not clear for me, errr :/
Or you can hover the mouse to the UV, Acne, Irritant, and Safety, also for the UVA and UVB.

Now we can know the ingredients of our makeup and we can also know the risks of each ingredient by only looking at the table.
No need to be confused or browsing too much for every ingredient on Google. At least, we can have an idea about what ingredient is this or that. hehe ^^

When you click on the ingredients, it will also have another explanation for each.
Just go there by yourself, okay? ^_^

Thanks for reading!
Anyone already know about this website?
Comment and share with me! :D

I am in no way affiliated with the web, I just want to share with you.
This is my own screen capture, I'm forget to give watermark, I realize when I upload them T,T and too lazy to edit again.


  1. Waaaah, aku baru tahu loh ada web kayak gini, makasi banyak udah di review web ini. Kita jadi bisa tau bahan2 apa aja yg baik buat kosmetik yg kita pake;)

  2. WOW WOW WOW *O*
    *ngowoh* kereeeeeen sekali website ini! aku baru tau nih, thanks for sharing kak sarah. sekarang udah gausah merem-melek ngeliatin tulisan ingredients di bungkus trus ngetiknya salah2 pula.. maklum katrok XD


  3. yep, I tried this once! and dang, forget the web address, thank you so much for posting this, now I remember it again Sarah! ^^

  4. Hwa....makasi ya infonya. seneng deh

  5. Agak bingung di bagian safety. kok ada tingkatan warna. Maksudnya apa ya?

  6. wowww thanks for sharing dear ^^

  7. waah keren!!! sarah thx yaa udh sharing.. ^_^

  8. Sweet! saw it once and forgot web name =___=
    thank you for sharing dear LD

  9. Wow!!! This will be very useful for make up product addicts like me. Thanks for sharing this one.

  10. thanks for sharing!! this is so helpful. love your blog!=)

  11. Waa.. thank you soo much for sharing! Sekarang bisa ngecek kandungan kosmeik dgn gampang nih :D


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