Memory Quote

from the latest Emily Gamehouse Series, Delicious Emily's Childhood Memories Edition
i love this game, from the first till this latest. i have finished this one. and found this quote from EMily when she has to move from her old house which has many beautiful memories.

i do really agree with her, always hard to let go of something that we love.
but the life must go on. we can't stuck to one conditions or one things while the better is waiting for us.

Crafty Giveaway

as you can see in my sidebar, i love freebies and love to join many giveaway! make up or crafty.
i already win a Cargo Lumiere Palette and a Bourjois Eye Liner in Dark Green from Shahada - Adventures In Make Up
she was a very generous blogger! she offers many giveaways. check out her blog!
will review them later
image from Google
another news, i won two crafty giveaways!! but they are still on their way to me, hehe..
first from Wendy. Her blog ScrapNspire was full of mini kit of scrapbook. and i won one of the kit!
This Crazy Love kit is valentine edition. Limited stock for this February and i get one! *wink.wink.happy.happy ;p
Look at the sneak peek HERE

Second, is from Hollie with her amazing blog Mermaids Closet. I won An original painting from her and two crafty things from her SHOP, Crafty pin and Wondercard Bow Bobbies. Check out her shop bloggies!

and school being sooooooo hectic!! *sigh
wish me full of health and luck dear. wish me can pass all the test very well..

the schedule (if i'm not wrong, because the school didn't give it yet, i know this from teacher) :
TPHBS : 28 February - 7 February
Practice exam for all subject : 14 March - 19 March
UAS : 21 March - 26 March
THE LAST NATIONAL FINAL EXAM : 18 April - 21 April (i give TWO countdown on my top of sidebar, see it?)

wish me the best dear ;') amin..
have anice weekend bloggies!


Ring Ring

this USB is really cute !!
i love this, wanted to have one. but the price is a bit expensive. 3,150 yen, for about 300.000+ IDR.
buy HERE


Mini Giveaway Winner

Get this cute tumbler from GoGirl! February issue..
its GoGirl! 6th Birthday!!
Happy Birthday GoGirl!! ;D

Now for the winner..
Instead of using random.org, i wrote all the entries name, because i have unused-used paper from my last school project, and drawn one winner from the GoGirl! tumbler.

can you see the name? i bet not *sigh*
my camera goes weird.

the winner is MIRA from Women's Want!

congrats dear!!
chack your inbox, reply within 48 hours, okay? ;)

and thank you so much for you who entering my giveaway ;D


February Quote

Fiction is the truth inside the lie
                                      Stephen King
source: Gadis Agenda

Dream High

Recentyly, i love a Korean Drama called Dream High.. that was a wonderfull film!!
i also looooveeee much the soudtrack...

"Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars."
image via Google

listen it here

i have the translate..
Today I faltered again in fear
Like a fledgling which won’t fly up for fear of falling
Can I keep doing this?
Will my dream come true?
Every time I get scraed of a step when I set my foot
When times get hard, I close my eyes
The moment that my dream comes true
I replay it and make my self stand up

Dream high a chance to fly high
From now on, all the pain goes bye-bye
Fly high like the stars in the sky
My dreams that rise high
Try to follow your dreams
Time for you to shine
Now it’s starting,
Got to make it mine
Don’t be afraid of a future
That you have to achieve by yourself
Go with confidence as far as you can
Destiny is your fate
A fate that cannot be stopped
Appearing in front of your eyes
It’s a whole new fantasy for you
So, take my hand from now on
Our purpose now is one
Dream and future,
I’m not going to give up
Youth. passion. here it is. Dream high.

i like the song from very first when i hear..
cheerfull! and full of spirit.. as i was on the top of boredom of studying, this song make me cheer up and stand up! ;)
and i will dream as high as i can and try to catch my dream..

have a wonderful Val day week bloggies..


GlamaDazzle HUGE Giveaway

This is really an amazing giveaway! I was really shocked when i read the post!
26 sets for one winner!!
imagine that!! she is sooo generous right?!!
Click HERE to enter

wish a good luck for me! ;p

and for you all bloggies ;D



What Is A Make Up Base?

Hi beautiful lovely reader ;)

I want to share my learning process about make up. I’m a new girl on make up world. Still learning how to use make up properly and to know the use of each make up goodies.
Today, I wanted to share this article I found. I am really thankful when I found this. Increasing my knowledge on make up. Enjoy girls, hope this can help you too.. ;)

What is a make up base?
Make up base or foundation is the base layer of make up used to smooth the surface of the face before using another make up. Foundation can cover the ‘not same’ color on the skin, cover up acnes and dark circles under the eyes.
Foundation is really important part of make up. The other functions is that foundation can protect the face from dust and works as sunscreen which protect the face from ultraviolet.
          Nowadays, many foundation also contains moisturizer, so it can moisturize the skin  at the same time.
          So, don’t ever forget to use the foundation before starting your make up ritual.

source: GADIS
translated by me and Google

Would you help me and give me some tips about the foundation?
Leave comment and i will be very thankfull ;)


Kotex WOW Contest

Help me dear lovely friends..
I enter the Kotex Contest..
I need your vote!

allow the request permission and click Galeri and find me!

Sarah Azhezha

and vote for my design..

there will be THREE Polaroid Fujifilm Mini Instax 7s for them who vote the design, will be choosen random.

Vote everyday to increase your chance and my chance ;P

Thanks guys!
I really need your help!