Dream High

Recentyly, i love a Korean Drama called Dream High.. that was a wonderfull film!!
i also looooveeee much the soudtrack...

"Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars."
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listen it here

i have the translate..
Today I faltered again in fear
Like a fledgling which won’t fly up for fear of falling
Can I keep doing this?
Will my dream come true?
Every time I get scraed of a step when I set my foot
When times get hard, I close my eyes
The moment that my dream comes true
I replay it and make my self stand up

Dream high a chance to fly high
From now on, all the pain goes bye-bye
Fly high like the stars in the sky
My dreams that rise high
Try to follow your dreams
Time for you to shine
Now it’s starting,
Got to make it mine
Don’t be afraid of a future
That you have to achieve by yourself
Go with confidence as far as you can
Destiny is your fate
A fate that cannot be stopped
Appearing in front of your eyes
It’s a whole new fantasy for you
So, take my hand from now on
Our purpose now is one
Dream and future,
I’m not going to give up
Youth. passion. here it is. Dream high.

i like the song from very first when i hear..
cheerfull! and full of spirit.. as i was on the top of boredom of studying, this song make me cheer up and stand up! ;)
and i will dream as high as i can and try to catch my dream..

have a wonderful Val day week bloggies..

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