Crafty Giveaway

as you can see in my sidebar, i love freebies and love to join many giveaway! make up or crafty.
i already win a Cargo Lumiere Palette and a Bourjois Eye Liner in Dark Green from Shahada - Adventures In Make Up
she was a very generous blogger! she offers many giveaways. check out her blog!
will review them later
image from Google
another news, i won two crafty giveaways!! but they are still on their way to me, hehe..
first from Wendy. Her blog ScrapNspire was full of mini kit of scrapbook. and i won one of the kit!
This Crazy Love kit is valentine edition. Limited stock for this February and i get one! *wink.wink.happy.happy ;p
Look at the sneak peek HERE

Second, is from Hollie with her amazing blog Mermaids Closet. I won An original painting from her and two crafty things from her SHOP, Crafty pin and Wondercard Bow Bobbies. Check out her shop bloggies!

and school being sooooooo hectic!! *sigh
wish me full of health and luck dear. wish me can pass all the test very well..

the schedule (if i'm not wrong, because the school didn't give it yet, i know this from teacher) :
TPHBS : 28 February - 7 February
Practice exam for all subject : 14 March - 19 March
UAS : 21 March - 26 March
THE LAST NATIONAL FINAL EXAM : 18 April - 21 April (i give TWO countdown on my top of sidebar, see it?)

wish me the best dear ;') amin..
have anice weekend bloggies!


  1. Wish you a lot of luck not only with your exams, but also with the giveaways you are participating in!

  2. aww so glad you won! thanks for the shout out sweetums!

  3. ligata: thank you so much dear ;')

    Hollie: you're welcome hun ;D


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