Kotex WOW Contest

Help me dear lovely friends..
I enter the Kotex Contest..
I need your vote!

allow the request permission and click Galeri and find me!

Sarah Azhezha

and vote for my design..

there will be THREE Polaroid Fujifilm Mini Instax 7s for them who vote the design, will be choosen random.

Vote everyday to increase your chance and my chance ;P

Thanks guys!
I really need your help!


  1. OoooOoOoOO!!!! OKAY!!! I'll do this for you!!! ^__^

  2. I love your design! I voted for you!

  3. i just voted! i just voted!!! btw, yours is the nicest one!

  4. hi sarah, I already vote you, good luck !

    I participate on a contest too and I need votes, so if you wanna vote me, please go on the side bar of this site: http://bblabord.blogspot.com/, will see my name: mihaela pojogu and vote me.

    Thank you dear !

  5. waa.. love you gals ;*
    thank you so much..

    miha.ela: i'll go there and vote you!

    abby: really? thanks ;)

    sipil: thanks ;)

    iligata: thanks dear ;)

  6. i got my hubby and a friend to vote too! when does this contest end? we'll vote for you everyday


  7. Can you vote everyday?

  8. aah, love you abby ;)
    the contest end on 30 March..
    thank you for you all

  9. another vote for you today (33), i hope you will win ! go go Sarah ! ;)

  10. ligata: yes you can! go on, ;)

    thanks a lot miha.ela.. ;*

    thanks everyone, for your support.. ;D

  11. Dang, you have made a colorful pad!
    I woudn't even use it, too pretty haha
    Anyway I've voted and good luck :) x~


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