What Is A Make Up Base?

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I want to share my learning process about make up. I’m a new girl on make up world. Still learning how to use make up properly and to know the use of each make up goodies.
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What is a make up base?
Make up base or foundation is the base layer of make up used to smooth the surface of the face before using another make up. Foundation can cover the ‘not same’ color on the skin, cover up acnes and dark circles under the eyes.
Foundation is really important part of make up. The other functions is that foundation can protect the face from dust and works as sunscreen which protect the face from ultraviolet.
          Nowadays, many foundation also contains moisturizer, so it can moisturize the skin  at the same time.
          So, don’t ever forget to use the foundation before starting your make up ritual.

source: GADIS
translated by me and Google

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