GoFress Praktis Menghilangkan Bau Mulut

Gofress Cara Praktis Menghilangkan Bau Mulut
Siapa sih yang tidak khawatir kalau mulutnya bau tidak sedap?
Saat akan berbicara dengan teman saja pasti merasa tidak percaya diri kan?

Bau mulut bisa disebabkan karena kita memakan makanan yang mengandung banyak bumbu atau berlemak seperti gorengan. Apalagi makanan yang mengandung bawang putih dan bawang bombay.
Bagaimana makanan bisa menyebabkan bau mulut tak sedap?



Some giveaway I join and I really hope I can win ^^

If you want to join them to, click the picture to enter ^^

Dream Makeup Sigma Essential Brush Kit Giveaway!
Who doesn't fall in love with the cute Mrs. Bunny kit?
Me want it! >o<
Ends 20 March

One Evening

Going out with my family yesterday evening.
Daddy is trying to find a cheap massage tool (alat pijat), but can't find the cheap one in Amplaz ang Galeria. Why the cheap one? Because my daddy tends to buy new exciting tool easily and a lot, I mean, he buy one when a thing is come out, but never want to buy the expensive. -_-
Didn't took any picture together.
But I took some random pics and also a small haul in the end.
Read more to know what I buy :D
All time favorite snack! ƪ(˘ڡ˘)ʃ

Black Friday Haul: Sigma Brushes

Last month, I won a Sigma gift card giveaway right before Sigma's black Friday event!
How lucky I am >_<
Sigma's shipping fee for international is expensive. Only once in a year, they have a free shipping event on black Friday. Last year, its only one day, but this year, its 22-23 November 2012 CST. yaaayness for international shoppers!


Let's End December

Super duper late post, today is 25th, I haven't post anything :/
Super busy with MANY final assignments and some agendas.

Well, this month is exciting though.
the girls
Want to know why? ;)
Keep reading more :D


Wardah Lightening Gentle Wash

Facial wash terakhir yang aku pakai itu Wardah Acne Cleansing Gel. Nha, sekitar satu bulan lalu, saat acne clenasing gel nya abis, aku beli another facial wash dari Wardah. Karena pengen kulit yang lebih cerah, aku coba Wardah Lightening Gentle Wash.
Aku mengharapakan apa yang dijanjikan produk ini bisa terjadi di aku. Let's see if this works for me.

Wardah Lightening Gentle Wash
Pembersih wajah yang mengandung Licorice dan Vitamin B3. Membantu membersihkan kotoran. Hasilnya: wajah tampak lebih bersih dan cerah.