Some giveaway I join and I really hope I can win ^^

If you want to join them to, click the picture to enter ^^

Dream Makeup Sigma Essential Brush Kit Giveaway!
Who doesn't fall in love with the cute Mrs. Bunny kit?
Me want it! >o<
Ends 20 March
I have problem with big pores so this two giveaway is very exciting for me, hope I can win the Etude House Wonder Pore Set >o<
iambabypanda.com Holiday Giveaway!
Ends 1 February!

Dr. Poison Ivy Mega Birthday Giveaway
Sleek palette for sure! >o<
Ends 18 January

Corallista 2 Years Anniversary Giveaway!

Corallista 2 Year Anniversary International Giveaway!
This is super duper awesome!
Especially the Sony Tablet! yaaay ^o^/
Hurry! You can't get a chance to win the Sony if you didn't tweet at least 40 days!
ends 21 February

Ariisa First Blog Giveaway

ends 29 January

Beauty Chica Grateful Giveaway

ends 30 January

Christine giveaway

ends 30 January

Airi's Blog Etude House Giveaway
ends 28 February 

Good luck for me and all of you :D


  1. Good luck!! I hope you win!

    I'm your newest follower via greader! :)

    1. thanks! ^^

      awesome! thanks for following me >_<

  2. good luck buat partisipasi kamu di giveaway-giveaway itu yaa ^^



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