How To Remove Blackhead

Today, on a not-so-sunny Sunday, I will talk about my weapon on how I get rid of my blackhead.
Bagaimana Cara Menghilangkan Komedo!

Some girls asked me, so I will try to explain my routine.
I believe it cost you no more than Rp 150.000 to get a clean nose that even the fly will slip. :p
This is without squeezing and you can freely try it at home!

Please note: So far, this is the perfect combination for me to remove the blackhead.
It may or may not work on you.

First, let me introduce these trio:

I'm Stil Alive

Hello guys.. \>_</
Long time no see~

I'm still alive~ I'm still alive~ We living that~ We living that good life~
(singing Still Alive by Bigbang)

Anyone miss me? :p
I'll try to be back to my blog again.

I won a Bigbang album last month from BNTNews.
A Bigbang album with TOP, Daesung, Seungri, Taeyang, GD AUTOGRAPH!!!
TOP have been touch the album too T.T
kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~ #fangirl scream \>o</
Can you imagine how excited and shocked and happy I am?!
I'm a VIP yeah fantastic baby \m/