How To Remove Blackhead

Today, on a not-so-sunny Sunday, I will talk about my weapon on how I get rid of my blackhead.
Bagaimana Cara Menghilangkan Komedo!

Some girls asked me, so I will try to explain my routine.
I believe it cost you no more than Rp 150.000 to get a clean nose that even the fly will slip. :p
This is without squeezing and you can freely try it at home!

Please note: So far, this is the perfect combination for me to remove the blackhead.
It may or may not work on you.

First, let me introduce these trio:

 1. Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari, price around Rp 6.000,-, available in common store in Indonesia
2. Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask, price Rp 55.000,- per 125gr, available online
3. The Face Shop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Clay Nose Pack, price Rp 40.000,-, available online for this cheap price

Total is Rp 101.000,- without shipping. 
It will be around Rp 140.000,- plus shipping.
Cheap eh? Because you can use them more than once. Cheaper than facial which cost at least Rp 60.000 per facial.

I will try to make separate post for each product for a deep and detailed review.

 So, the first step is to scrub your face with this Mundisari peeling.
I found this peeling is the soft kind. It is not hard and didn't cause any pain. Just like the other traditional peeling.
Concentrate on the troubled part of your skin where the blackhead is a lot.
Mine is nose, cheek bone, and chin.
This peeling function is to clean clogged pores and open the pores.

Next, I apply Aztec Healing Clay Mask all over my face.
I only use water for this mask, some others use apple vinegar. I never try to mix it with apple vinegar because the mask already works great on me only with water. 
I am a bit afraid too actually, some people said the mask becomes stingy when mixed with the vinegar. I choose to play safe. hehe
The feeling when using this mask is like my face is being sucked.
Kayak disedot-sedot, cenut-cenut gt deh.
After 30 minutes, clean your face and you will find your face a little bit red. Its normal, it will gone after a few minutes.
 This mask is a special mask which can detoxify the dirt on our face, including the blackhead. It can soften the blackhead, so it wil be easier to remove.

 Right after the mask, apply this Volcanic Nose Pack.
Actually you can simply use Biore pore pack, the most common pore strip.
Then why I choose this?
Because it can be used on the chin and also can be spread to my cheek bone.
It works great after I use the Aztec mask. I ever use this after steaming my face with warm towel, but it didn't work well. The blackheads are not pulled out much.
Be carefull when you pulled it! It wil be a bit painfull. Tears can come out without you notice it.

Now, the result!
I am really shocked when the first time I use this trio combination.
The blackhead on the nose pack is A LOT!
My sister and I are like "WOW" for like a few minutes :O
Can't really believe it ~o~
Is it a dream? haha :p

These are the nose packs after I peel it.
The long one is from my nose and cheek bone.
The short one is from my chin.
 I warn you!
Some of you might find this gross.
If not, please click to enlarge and see the pesky comedos.
A LOT of big and small blackhead are pulled out.

This are from my cheek. A LOT right?

The area on the circle is from the tip of the nose. A LOT *-*
After effect:
I usually do scrubbing one to two times in two weeks, depending on the skin condition, because the blackhead always come back really fast.

After using this trio my nose is sooooo smooth! licin buuuk >_<
I want to touch it every time just to make myself smile so bright :p #badhabit
3 weeks later, I haven't do scrub, but my nose is still smooth. Then, its almost 4 weeks and my nose still looks smooth, however the blackhead is starting to come back.

Back then, my blackhead is so big to the point it was visible when I'm not using makeup and also in the end of the day when my face becomes an oil mine. -_-"
And now?Thank a lot to the Aztec mask, I regularly use it every week and my blackhead becomes smaller.

How is the pore condition?
My pores are already big #sigh :(
Because back then, I often squeeze it rather than using pore strip.
While using these product, I feel that my blackhead become smaller, does it mean my pore becomes smaller too? I'm not sure. 
My big pores are still visible. But at least it didn't get bigger. I believe that if I didn't squeeze it, it will not get bigger. 
I'm now still try to find a pore cream to make my pore smaller.
Any recommendation? Please tell me :)

I love using these product!
You should try this if you have blackhead problem like me!
Or myabe you already found your own weapon? Please tell me in the comment! :D

Wondering what cleanser I use for daily?
I use Faceshop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in Lemon or Biore Acne Care in the morning because they didn't have any scrub. The biore used when I have acnes of course.
Then on the evening, I use Pond's Oil Control which have soft scrub to remove the dirt of the day.

Wanna know where I get the Aztec mask?
The Volcanic Nose pack?
Ask me in the comment :p
Or you can message me on Facebook here.

I'm not sure if I miss something to write.
Feel free to leave it in the comment if you have anything to ask!

Say hi to my big nose and chin!
(almost 4 weeks after using that trio)
Have a clean nose then!
Selamat mencoba :D


  1. sist pori2 kulitnya gimana setelah pake rangkaian itu? membesar kah?

    1. udah aku update tu sis, kelupaan tentang pore nya ya, hihi..
      thanks for asking!

      enggak membesar kok sis.
      setauku kalo membesar itu karena dipencetin. jadi kalo g dipencetin mungkin g akan membesar.
      malahan setelah pake Aztec aku merasa komedo nya lebih kecil, komedoku gede2 gt dulu. tapi g tau juga ya apakah itu tanda berarti pori2nya mengecil? hehe

  2. itu sebenernya yg nampol buat komedo aztec atau volcanicnya Sarah?

    1. aztec nya deh kayaknya..
      ditambah volcanic jadi sempurna :p
      setelah pake aztec kalau mau dipencetin bisa2 aja sih, gampang keluarnya, tapi sakit. pake biore jg bisa, tapi ga banyak e yg keangkat.

  3. Aztec terlalu perih buat kulitku huks huks...
    The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack punyaku belum abis2 pdhl kepingin nyobain yg clay nose pack.


  4. minta link nya aztec sama clay nya dong. thanks

    1. aztecnya bisa baca di sini: http://sarahazhezha.blogspot.com/2012/11/haul-aztec-indian-healing-clay-mask.html

      clay nya bisa beli di riebutik.com atau thezaturashop.com, tapi PO, karena sold out.

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    Visit: http://beauty-fulll.blogspot.com/2013/06/international-giveaway-by-naked-minerals.html

  6. OMG! i'd like to try that ancient thing! haha
    Aztec nya ngepek banget yah say. Jadi pengen coba. Aku pake innisfree jeju liquid nose gitu. Gak puas :'( 2,5/5 lah
    hikz hikz

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