Mini Giveaway from Me!!! (CLOSED)

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Hi bloggies.. between my busy study time, I was thinking about you, all of my lovely reader. and I wanted to held a mini giveaway for you. and it is INTERNATIONAL.. yaaay.. ;D

This is the prize :
Two Homemade Vitamin E Cream
day and night

My aunt's friend who made that cream. she has a beauty salon and spa and other beauty treatment. and she made this cream for her lovely customer. Not only for women but also men. Especially for 30+ years old, this cream did much on them. Many customer get successful! You can use this yourself or maybe give away this to someone needed.

I will give you a little review.
So, this vitamin E cream (didn’t has a name yet) can prevent and treat acnes, clear up black spots caused by acne, and brighten your face (maybe this one is for tropical people who had a brown skin).
This cream did its job on me and my mom. my face looks brighter and my mom looks younger and the wrinkles reduced. But as I still on puberty, acnes still appear, right? ;p
One more, my sister who is 14 years old, her puberty has just come, her acnes is WOW. and I think, that creams can’t did much on my sister’s. Maybe theres too much hormone on her. (peace sist ;p)

and now, for the giveaway..
1.        Giveaway is for my lovely friends and reader! so, you MUST be my friend via GFC with any account, gmail, yahoo, or twitter. and if you don’t have blog, sure you can enter!
2.        First, fill out the form
3.        Then, you MUST leave a nice and encouraging comment on this post and on 1 of my older post.
I will check all the entries! so don’t lie to me.

and for my first 37 lovely friends via GFC, you guys get 2 extra entries! just follow the step or just leave a comment and you’ll get your 2 entries.
new lovely friends are very welcome. ;D

the Giveaway opened 2 weeks from now 23 January 2011 till 14 February 2011 GMT +7

and for you who wanted this cream later, I will sell it to you.
IDR 150.000 ke seluruh penjuru Indonesia. (cream + shipping, udah di pukul rata)
Sorry, for now, just for Indonesia. But for international who are interesting to buy, just email me and maybe we can talk first.

Thanks for entering bloggies!!


  1. this is sooo sweet!!! I'll made a giveaway me too soon :D thanks!!!

  2. Salams Sarah ,
    Is the cream all natural , just wanting to know , thanks .

    btw , thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments !

  3. va: yes it is, the cream is natural. at first, i also little bit doubt it, but its natural.. don't be worry.. ;)

    chiara: wow, can't wait to enter ;)

  4. This is very generous of you sweetie! :)

  5. Really want to have this!Tq~

  6. Aww this is so sweet, to share something handmade, I cannot wait to try it, sounds wonderful:)
    thanx a lot dear, :)

  7. I am a big fan of homemade stuff! I would love to try it!

  8. Thanks for your giveaway :) I can't wait to try this!

  9. you all entered!
    thanks lovely! ;D


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