Subhanallah!! Today's Sun in Yogyakarta

     This unique natural phenomenon occurs because the bending of sunlight by particles of water vapor in the atmosphere. The Head of Laboratory Hydrometeorology of Geography Faculty, Gadjah Mada University, said the unique nature of this event is the atmospheric phenomenon that usually occurs during the rainy season. "In this phenomenon, the sunlight reflected by the rising water vapor in the atmosphere. The light emitted is then seen as the ring of the rainbow," he said.
    During the rainy season many water vapor rises into the atmosphere until it reaches the troposphere with a height of about 10-40 kilometers. As a result, there was a very cold temperature in the troposphere, which is around minus 30-40 degrees Celsius. At this point, water vapor in the troposphere serves as a mirror that can reflect sunlight.
( source translated via google)

Subhanallah.. Allahuakbar..
The pictures are taken by my IT teacher, i took from his Facebook HERE
This phenomenon happened this afternoon at about 11.15 am WIB (GMT+7) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This happened for about 30 minutes long. My class including the teacher went out from the class and admire this phenomenon.
And.. look at this one.. the clouds looks like the words ALLAH in arabic. who knows...
Subhanallah... Allahuakbar...


  1. oh..I have missed it!
    over here (italy) was cloudy and could not see the eclipse.
    your pictures are amazing!


  2. yeah, that's really beautiful..
    and the next day, the sun be an Headline on the newspaper. hehe

  3. hello there hijaber new fellow...

    i hope the Allah sign is not a photoshop efect or something. but all the way is all mighty Allah did, Subhanallah... :)


  4. wow this is amazing, it's beautiful!!!!


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