Expire Date

Not only foods or cosmetics which has an expiration date, but also some things we usually use..
Here are the things, i got this from terselubung, translated by me and google, i just want to share this to you.
Read carefully bloggies ;)
1. Comb
Clean the comb with warm water once a week. Replace if it is damaged or has been hurt when used. As quoted from The Sun, Food and Drink Federation, UK, reveals, one millimeter of hair follicles can carry 50.000 bacteria. Your comb can even carried more bacteria, because the accumulation of dead scalp cells and the rest of the hair care products on the comb. If you didn't cleaned the comb, it can cause dandruff.
2. Toothbrush
According to research, the effectiveness of the toothbrush is only three months old. If the hair brush is damaged, it should be immediately replaced with a new one, because it can make your gums hurt and bleed. Replace toothbrushes every three months.
3. Bra
Buy a new bra every three months. Special for sports bra, replace after being washed 30 to 40 times. Avoid using chemical detergents and softeners because of damage to the bra Lycra material. You need to buy a bra on a regular basis because the breast tissue consists of fat. If it not propped well, the breast will be faster down and slacked.
4. Mattress
Replace the mattress or bed every 8-10 years. According to the Sleep Council, a decreased function of the mat can reduce our sleep quality. Furthermore the mites and fleas that breed in it can lead to skin disorders.
5. Cutting board
Always clean and wash with disinfectant after use. Replace with a new one, if it begin difficult to clean. According to the Hygiene Council, the bacterial can be 50 times more than the toilet seat.
6. Towel
Wash your towels every week in 60º C water temperature. You can easily get skin infections if rarely wash the towels. Moreover, if the towels are also used by other people, skin diseases will be spread. Do not have a habit of sharing the same towel with other people.


  1. girl!

    you're so adorable!!! :}

    hey i didn't know that things had expiration date on them! or maybe it's just businesses saying to people that they should buy buy buy and buy... because i sure don't have the money to be able to renew for the time being. gosh i hate being broke.

  2. Thanks for the heads up . This is useful information I needed to know about .

  3. That was pretty interesting! Sadly, I am a little lazy and I don't do all that is needed up there haha. But with the towels, it can also cause acne if you dry your face with it and you do not wash it frequently because the oils and dead skin is in there still.

  4. abby: mee too. not enough money to change or buy regularly. haha

    littlestkitty: oh, thanks dear.. i missed that one..

    va: you're welcome ;)

    kirstyb: thanks for commenting ;)

  5. "Buy a new bra every three months. " EHMMM I have an 8 years old bra ahahah I am a disaster!

  6. wow, thanks for sharing this great tips, I had no idea about the bra issue- on buying a new one after x washes..geez that´s very important..will go shopping tomorrow:)

  7. great post! i didn't know combs have expiry dates! and I should probably ask mom to change the chopping board right now :D


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