As we know, the weather goes strange. Sunny in the morning, windy in the middle of the day, and sudden rain in the evening. --"
the weather are unpredictable. must be ready with an umbrella or raincoat.
and for me.. must be ready for the test. Ujian Akhir Nasional will be held on March. now is October, so... it's about FIVE months for me to get ready. and FOUR month for UM UGM, a test for joining UGM.
and my desk, my daily, will be full with these kind of book.. (da-da my novel.. TT)

oya.. i found some fact about RAIN here..
the one i like the most :

after the rain, soils, weeds, and grasses will produce a special fragrance, this compound called PETRICHOR

i love the smell of the soil, the grass, and the water after rain.. hmmm.. make me feel relax after studiying those book..

Very windy now. semoga nggak ada badai lagi. mau pergi jalan-jalan with my two sista..
have a beautiful Sunday bloggies..

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