more candles, more wishes

I am 18th years old and I am happy to be 18th ;)

Big thanks to ALLAH SWT.. who gave me this old..
thanks to my family.. who love me without any compulsion..
thanks to my friends.. who have been there for me..
thanks to my kiddo.. who love me with all his tender..
thanks to all of you bloggies.. who want to spare time to read my blog..

wish me can pass and get the best mark on the Last National Exam and majoring in English Literature..
wish me more intelligence, more wise mind, more friends, more lotta love, more and more happiness, healthiness, and fortune..
wish Indonesia can survive from your test.. give lot of patient to all of Indonesian people, especially for them who just been get a disaster, peole on Mentawai and Merapi.. Open the mind of people in Jakarta to keep clean the environment, especially the river.. stop the mud flow in Sidoarjo.. stop the war..
i still want to finish my lecture and married and have childrens.. :')

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