I'm Stil Alive

Hello guys.. \>_</
Long time no see~

I'm still alive~ I'm still alive~ We living that~ We living that good life~
(singing Still Alive by Bigbang)

Anyone miss me? :p
I'll try to be back to my blog again.

I won a Bigbang album last month from BNTNews.
A Bigbang album with TOP, Daesung, Seungri, Taeyang, GD AUTOGRAPH!!!
TOP have been touch the album too T.T
kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~ #fangirl scream \>o</
Can you imagine how excited and shocked and happy I am?!
I'm a VIP yeah fantastic baby \m/

You should listen to Bigbang if you haven't know them!

I will try to post some cooking recipes too. I'm a little bit into cooking nowadays.
Here are some food I cook:
Donaaaat bolong tengahe oooo or Doughnut
Believe me, this are delicious, when they are still hot. But then it is rather tough after few hours, haha -_-"
 Sushi Maki :3
This comes out tasty. I think thats because the seaweed is already salted, not the plain one. The  filling are cucumber, carrot, and chicken nugget.
Risole Mayo or some people here called it Amris (American Risole)
The filling are scrambled egg, sausage, mayonnaise, and onion.
I served these last friday and my friends love my risol mayo. They ate them all without leftover! #happy ;D

Tell me in the comment which recipe you want to know first!
I made them with simple version recipe and they all turns out delicious! :D

Another news from me, I become my aunt's assistant when she is working.
What is her?
A wedding makeup artist!
Look at how she applied the makeup, she let the bride lying down. So the bride would not be tired. My aunt said some clients even fall asleep, maybe they are too nervous and didn't sleep much before the D-day.
 Nah, for the eyebrow and finishing, the bride will sit.
 Want to know my job?
Put the glue on fake eyelashes, take this, take that, help the bride wearing the accessories, hold the pin for the jilbab and give it to my aunt, take down the pin to change the jilbab for the next dress, and so on. -_______-
Thats all sure is tiring. But I got to see how my aunt applying makeup. So its a benefit (or bonus?) for me ;p
This is the first dress. Those flowers are made by my aunt. She loves to make the accessories and sometimes the dress by herself. So it will not be 'pasaran' or common.
 And this is the second dress.
I love the crown. It looks so glamorous.
This is Padang bride in modern muslim style, thats what my aunt said.
Fyi, the bride said the crown is not heavy at all.
It looks like this from the back:

Okay, thats all for now!
Bonus pic of me :3
Last pic, my cutest nephew, Azvar >_<
I'm his biggest fan! kekeke~ #kisskiss :*
See you in the next post :D
bye bye~


  1. hmmm donat sm risolenya enyaakk .. comot satu hihi

    1. boleh boleh.. hihi :)

      stay tune untuk resepnya yaa..

      thanks :)

  2. kyaaaaaaaa itu CDnya buat aku buat aku zaaa :"(

    1. ooooo tidak bisaaa :p

      thanks Aul udah mampir ;)

  3. aa mahkotanya yg baju kedua cantik bangettt...X)

    1. bangeeet.. pas liat pertama kali langsung "WOW, bagus banget bude" >_<

      thanks sis :)

  4. Wow, TOP touched the album! I will join you in screaming. :D

    I wanna see the recipe for risol mayo :)

    1. kyaaa~ TOP oppa >o</

      okay! just stay tune ;)
      I need to make it again and take picture of the steps.

      thanks sis :)

  5. Wah, sushi maki-nya looks delicious,
    risol mayonya juga, looking forward for the recipe :D


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