Truth, Cry, and Lie

Out of the blue, I remember about a song sang by Letto.
You guys from Indonesia might know this band. All of their songs are very good. The lyrics are so poetic ans so sweet ;')
I think I miss them and their songs. For now, I believe they are still absent from music world.
Truth, Cry, and Lie by Letto.

Read more because You must listen! >_<

Btw, did you love Letto too?
Share your favorite song(s) from them on the comment! ^^d

Back then when I was in junior high school, around 2007, they were so popular.
Some of their songs were used for drama soundtrack.

One of the song I love is that one above.
At that time, I was not familiar yet with internet and Google. I did go to internet cafe (warnet), but I rarely went there. I went to i-cafe just to copy songs, do homework, or update my cool Friendster :p

Then this song was played on the TV and I of course tried to find this song. After that, I listen to this song over and over again. Because I really wanted to sing this song, I tried to write the lyric.

I still didn't know about lyrics websites nor had a thought to search on google.
I listen and write the lyrics by myself.
Listen and write and listen and write.
And I feel quite satisfied, even though it was not perfect. 
As long as I can sing along with Letto, I was happy. haha xD

I think my interest in english started at that time when I was in junior high school. 
Also, maybe because my school was RSBI and we were encouraged to use english and to be used to listen to english.
Well yeah, now I'm manjoring in English Education.

Let me share the lyrics and highlight my favorite quote from the lyrics ;)
Btw, for sure I listen to the song while write this post.
Truth, Cry, and Lie Lyrics by Letto

A red rosy cheeks
A drop of tear to weep
Reminds me of you
A long side a sigh
A long side of cry

A soft summer rain, a smile that hides a pain
Why should you be ashamed
Cause in every life
A little rain must fall

And you are my friend
Charmingly sentimental brain

There’s a truth behind a cry
And there’s a cry behind a lie
On every words that come out strong
Just let them go and lets get along

On every grudge and every fight
I miss you all day and night
Have you had your time off today
To drink a cup of tea and smile away

Sometimes I wonder
Will I ever see you
Without all your game plan
When all you have is
Nothing but a pure bliss

I will wait that day
When you can find your way
Out of this maze of love
And you can laugh
To see cries and lies

'Cause you know better than me
Only the truth will set you free

There’s a truth behind a cry
And there’s a cry behind a lie
On every thought that come out wrong
Just learn from it and please stay strong

On every grudge and every fight
I miss you all day and night
It’s not easy to understand
But you must hold on your stand

I know you know, you know I know

There’s a truth behind a cry
And there’s a cry behind a lie
There’s a hope on every fright
There’s a light on every night

Keep smiling friends! ^o^


  1. uwaa.. aq juga suka lagu2nya letto.. suaranya mantap.. dulu aq suka letto sama nidji :D

  2. udah lama banget o.o sampai lupa ama mereka o.o

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