Say NO(vember) to Lazy

It is winter there and going to rain here in Indonesia.
I always miss rain.
I want to run and dance under the rain, but I don't want to catch flu T___T
if only Indonesia have this kind of tree, I will dance under them.
School is always busy and when at home always busy with homework. #meeh
Limited time for playing,
and blogging..
So many posts on my draft waiting to be finished.
So many homework too! T_______T
Well yeah, I really feel like run into the rain, and dance, and scream, and crying,
if only the road is as quiet as forest.

and with him would be so sweet..
and with bestfriends would be so hilarious..
source click this, some awesome pics, feel like want to include them all here actually.
It is always nice seeing nature pictures. Feel like I want to go there.
My current dekstop wallpaper is this one below.
I can change this in a few days, haha..
Always depend on my mood.
Wish us a swift month where we can finish what we should finish soon! #aaamiiin
Wish you all and me a healthy life! #aaamiiin
Especially this month..
Say NO to lazy!!
Say NO to procrastination!!
Happy NOvember


  1. aku juga suka bgt mbak ama musim hujan, rasanya alam jadi indah gitu, sayang sekrang alam udah gak seindah dulu saat aku masih kecil.

    btw aq juga suka menghayal berjalan tenang di pinggir jalan yg banyak pohon rimbun tanpa khawatir disemprot kendaraan atau disuit"in ama org .. ohh kapan indonesia bs seperti itu ya .. smg suatu hari it'll be truth.
    anyway, I Love your blog so much! thx for sharing :D

    1. sebenernya ada di Jogja daerah yang sepi tapi banyak pohonnya, pengen deh punya rumah di daerah sana :)

      Thank you so much! Love you too :*


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