June Haul

Its July and I want to share my June haul..
I bought them and some are given to me.
I will only do a quick shoutout. I'll post the review of each product later.
  • Wardah Lightening Night Cream Step 1 - Rp 34.000 (there was 20%off at Mirota Kampus, so I got it for only Rp 27.200)
  • Wardah Acne Perfecting Moisturizer Gel - Rp 26.000 (Rp 20.800 with 20%off)
I'm a member of Sophie Paris, so I get 30% off for all products. Price in the brackets is after 30% off.
I bought this Perfect Skin products for my sister actually.

  • Sophie Paris Perfect Skin Acne Gel - Rp 19.900 (Rp 14.000)
  • Sophie Paris Perfect Skin Prevent Spot - Rp 24.900 (Rp 18.000)
  • Sophie Paris Perfect Skin Night Treatment - Rp 24.900 (Rp 18.000)
New products from Sophie is this cute brush. I love this, very easy for blending. The actual bristles color is bright purple. Super cute!
  • Sophie Paris Double Ended Eyeshadow brush - Rp 29.900 (Rp 21.000)
I want to buy a blush on but didn't have achance yet to but. When I go to a small shop near my grandma house, my eyes catch the makeup section near the cashier. Then I found this blush on. Guess the price!!
Its only Rp 3.500!! So of course I bought it.
Viva is Indonesian product with good quality and cheap price.
  • Viva Fin Touch in number 3 - Rp 3.500
Those are products that I bought.
Next is products I won from a quizez in facebook.
First is this Revlon eyeshadow. I love the grey metallic silver color, very pretty. Glad to get it free :p

Go to Revlon Indonesia Fanpage. I think the promotion is still on. The rules are that you should earn points and red redeem that with the products you choose. Eyeshadow for 300 poin, Makeup pouch for 300 poin, Lipgloss for 600 poin, and Foundation for 800 poin. But you may only redeem one time. Actually I want the foundation, but I accidentally click on the eyeshadow T_T Its fine though, hehe. I like the eyeshadow.

  • Revlon Luxurious Color Satin Eyeshadow in Platinum Glimmer - Rp 40.000
Second is this white huge box from L'oreal.
I think I got this from a quiz on L'oreal indonesia Fanpage.
I said I think because there's no announcement about the winner. I was shocked by the huge box when a postman came.
The huge box is worth Rp 691.900!!! Very xpensive for me for only 4 products (minus the mirror) !! :O
I feel so grateful xD
I'll review this on a separate post.
  • L'oreal Le Teint True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation in G1 Vanilla Ivory - Rp 149.000
  • L'oreal True Match  Super Blendable Two Way Powder Foundation in G1 Vanilla Ivory - Rp 239.000 (the most expensive)
  • L'oreal Le Blush True Match in Sandalwood Veil - Rp 154.900
  • L'oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer - Rp 149.000 (This made my eyeshadow and eyeliner stay all day with 2 times wudhu!! Awesome!!)
Nah, thats all for now guys.
I'll be working for the next post and taking photos of them.
Can't wait to post the reviews.
Tell me in the comment which product you want to know first! Or maybe you have tried some before? Tell me in the comment!
Ciao guys, have a nice week :D


  1. hadiah dri L'oreal nya bikin envy deh *o* ditunggu reviewnya XD

    1. iyaaa.. aku aja kaget bgt waktu dapet..
      coba aja kak, kuisnya masih ada kok, diundi tiap minggu.. :D

  2. haulnya banyak banget..
    ditunggu reviewnya :)


    1. iyaa, dompet jadi tipis, hehe :p

      sure, i'm working for the reviews

      thanks for visiting and your comment ;D

  3. Itu brushnya yang sophie masih dijual gaakk? aaakk, lucuuuu...


    1. masiiiih bgt..kayaknya bakal jadi permanen ada terus kok di setipa katalog..
      ga cuma ini lho, ada double ended blush and foundation brush warna pink lucu bgt gt xD

      thanks for visiting and your comment ;D
      btw, me following your blog ;)

    2. kalo mau liat katalog sophie online dimana yaa? lucu banget ituu.. alus gak brushnyaa?

    3. halus kok..
      di fanpage sohie, ini link albumnya https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151627683439237.443075.37003464236&type=3
      brushnya ini: ungu https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151627697489237&set=a.10151627683439237.443075.37003464236&type=3
      pink https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151627697629237&set=a.10151627683439237.443075.37003464236&type=3

  4. waah azhezah,, itu yg MOOK itu bukan c?? hadiah loreal. btw kamu rajin bgt ikutan revlon buzz luck,, ko bisa ampe 57% c say.. bagi" tips nya donk say :D thx u.. :*

    1. btw, MOOK apa ya? hehe, ga dong e

      tweet yg banyak and minta bantu temen, hehe
      keep tweeting aja say ;)

      thanks for visiting and your comment ;D

  5. Sarah, kamu domisili Jogja yak? *denger kata mirota kampus. Hehe..*
    Bolehkah minta alamat email? Thanx yak :D

    1. haaaaii..
      emailku sarahazhezha gmail com..
      salam kenal sekar..
      gimana? ada perlu kah? ;D


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