L'oreal True Match le Blush

This time I will review my L'Oreal True Match le Blush in Sandalwood Veil.
Read more for a 'surprise' from this cute blush on ;)

It has puzzle pattern on it. Cute I think.
Made from transparent plastic.
Its quite big though. Why?
Read read read to know why, hehe ^^
Because.... when we open the cap, then you open the blush too..
Theres a hidden mirror and a brush!
Super fun!
I remember I ever read a review about this blush, but I was totally forget. I was shocked when I open it. hihi ;p
Its small, but not too small, just perfect size for my cheek.
The appearence look usual. But actually its soft enough, I use it sometimes.

From left to right: more that 2 swipes, 1 swipe, and only 1 dab.
Can you see it? Its hard to take this picture.
I try hard to see you the color. Apply it on my hand with the small brush.

Mine is in Sandalwood Veil.
I believe those 4 shades that are available in Indonesia. But, I'm so sorry I can't find the others name, only find that darker one on the back, I think its in Rosewood.
The pigmentation is so-so. I need 2 swipes or more when applying it on my cheeks.
It has a bit glitter, but not too much and don't be worry because its just a little, will not show up too much on cheek.
This blush gives me a natural pink flush on cheek.
I looooove this blush so much.
Although its not so pigmented, it just perfect for me.
I use it everyday since I got it. Perfect for everyday wear.
I will not be overpinked like a clown, because yeh I'm not a pro and I am still learning.
When I use the Viva Fin Touch, my boy said 'what happen with your cheek!'
nah! I didn't use it properly because its pigmented enough. ~o~
Shame on me!

Rp. 149.900
for 5 gram and a brush+mirror.
Around 17USD is still expensive in Indonesia, its medium-high end brand, not drugstore anymore.
Especially for student like me. Glad I won this blush xD
(Read here to know how I won this)

The Good that I like:
1. Travel friendly because of the mirror and the brush!
2. Nice transparent packaging so we can see the color easily.
3. Sheer medium pigmentation
4. Easy for beginner! (like me :p)

The Bad that I don't like:
1. Staying power is not too long
2. A bit dusty
3. Hard to show up the color, need more swipes
4. Expensive!

nah, thats a bit contrary, I like how its sheer, but at the same time, I don't like that I need some swipes to apply it. Actually I can use it as natural for everyday and a bit bold for special occasion.

What do you think?
Have you ever tried any of the True Match blush?
Share your opinion on the comment!
Will be glad to hear yours :D

Au Revoir! ^^


  1. wah lucu.. udh termasuk brushnya.. tp jd agak bulky ya >.<
    nice review ^^


  2. tapi warnanya cakep yah.... pasti gampang pakai nya.. gak susah nge-blend nyakalo gak terlalu pigmented gitu..hehe

    1. iyaaa..
      aku pernah baca klaimnya itu super-blendable..
      kayaknya malah semua produk di line True Match itu klaimnya super-blendable deh..

  3. cantik XD aku pernah nyobain punya temen kantor juga..memang bagus blush on-nya l'oreal~

  4. Congrats on winning! This blush is super pretty in colour!



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