Haul: Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask

Hi guys!
I bought something last sunday.
Please pretend you haven't read the tittle, ok? ha ha -_-

What is inside this cute flowery paper bag?
Let's take a peek..
It is the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask!
Plus the instruction..

When a facial or clay poultice is applied to the skin it forms a negative charge. Poisons and toxins stored in the epidermis have a positive charge - Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay lifts the pimple and blackheads into the clay bed to cause accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin with over 50 minerals.100% NATURAL.

The most powerful facial in the world! according the site of course.
Because I have read sooooooo many good reviews on this, I decided to give this a try!
Just googling it and you will get many results.
YOU have to try this mask too for sure!! b^o^d
I didn't bought the full size which is so big, around 1 kilo if I'm not mistaken.
I bought it on the size 125gr for Rp. 48.000,-
Pretty cheap huh?
Wanna know where to get this in Indonesia? Particularly Jogja? Read till end okay.. ;D
The mask is packed in a clear plastic jar.
With a warning on top to be carefull.
It is a grey-green powder.
I expect a strong smell from the mask, BUT it has no smell! 
I carefully bring the jar close to my nose, but I can't smell anything.
I ask my sister and she doesn't too.
I haven't using this mask.
I will post the review later after I try.
Another surprising thing is the instruction.
It is quite heavy for a paper when I took it out.
it has some samples inside! #biggrin :D
I hurriedly open it.
The History of Whoo and Su:m37 samples! \^o^/
The happening skincare from Korea. The full size of these samples is very expensive!
The Whoo Whitening Intensive which can clear up acne scars is 130.000won or around 128USD or around Rp1.500.000 ;o;
I'm happy I can try this.
Read my previous post about The Whoo here
1. The History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balancer
2. The History of Whoo Whitening Soft Toner
3. The History of Whoo Whitening and Moisture Cream
4. The History of Whoo Whitening Essence
5. Su:m37 Air Rising Dazzling Base
6. The History of Whoo Whitening Intensive

I think those samples worth around Rp. 50.000,-, even more I think.
While the mask I bought is only Rp48.000!
She is soooo kiiiiind la!
You get more curious? ;p
Okay okay calm down, I will tell you..

I bought the Aztec Indian Healing Clay from my beautiful Jogja Makeup-Nista friend,
Peni Yahnda Beauty :D
I'm super happy when I know her and that she sells aztec.

Jika tertarik mencoba produk-produk perawatan dari korea seperti: The History of Whoo, Sulwhasoo, O Hui, Su:m37, dan Hera, bisa lho pesen di Yahnda Beauty ini.
Ini Facebook nya: https://www.facebook.com/peni.yahnda
Kamu bisa add di facebook nya atau klik gambar di atas langsung ke online shop nya :D

She sells Aztec Indian Healing Clay in 3 size:
125gr Rp48.000, 250gr Rp100.000, and 1lb/454gr Rp180.000,-
Get yours now! While the stock last.
The stock is ready just last week. I have waited for the mask since October.

Not only that, she also open pre-order for Gmarket and Testerkorea.com.
You can also visit her Kaskus ID AREALE for the complete list.

I ordered Wonder Pore Freshner sample from testerkorea.com. The original price is 1000 won but it was on sale for 800 won. That is only for Rp9.000,-!
Really want to try that toner since many girls love it and the fact that it can remove Demodex.
What is Demodex? READ HERE

She also sells products from Belo Essentials, Nubian Heritage, Kojiesan, and many more. 
Add her Facebook for more info.
She is very nice in replying my message. ^_^d

Last week we met at Mirota Kampus to give me the mask.
She was with ses Arum from Racun Warna-Warni.
They both are pretty! ;D
Me? #meeh I just did a group work under the sun from morning to 1pm and I felt my face was so oily. 0_____0
It would be fun to hangout with them for a while and enjoy a glass of MK juice. But I had to go to pray and met another appointment again. T_____T

Next is the instruction.
Basically, what will you found here is the same with the instruction and info on the aztec site aztec-secret.com
What makes it different is the second paper.
Ses Peni gives her own instruction in Bahasa.
I think that is based on her experience too.
She gives some advices on how to use the mask.
I will enjoy the mask then ^_^d
BIG thanks ses Peni :D

Make sure to go to her shop or facebook albums to see the products that she sells.
Her product prices is quite cheap compared to the other online shop.
If you live in Jogja, you don't need to pay shipping because you can just meet to do the transaction. ;)

Don't forget to come back here to check the Aztec review.
Annyong :D

Disclosure: I'm not sponsored to write this post. This based on my own experience and opinion.


  1. Bhihihiiikkk...dibilang priwtiiii! Terharuuu
    Padahal baru kumus2 juga, baru pulang dari Kasongan :')

    1. hihi.. keliatan sih ses, tapi tetep priwtii kok ;)

  2. gak mudeng bahasa inggris nie..

    1. bisa di translate kok sis, itu di sidebar udah ada aplikasi translate nya ;)

  3. ditunggu ripiu aztec clay masknyaaa ~

    1. okey sistaa, ditunggu yaa :D
      thanks for reading ;)

  4. ayo ka review Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask
    penasaran, btw beli dmn ka?

    1. ditunggu ya review nya ;)

      beli di sis Peni, langsung ke facebook nya aja dear, itu link nya udah ada di atas ;)

      thanks for reading ;)


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