My 'Not Everyday' Makeup

Continuing my previous post about my everyday makeup routine, here is the 'Not Everyday Makeup' hehe ;p
They are
1. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream
You kno BB cream right? Its famous! I decide to try one from Maybelline. I like it, but i just didn't like to wear it everyday, I like the Very Me Peach Me more than this for daily. But for special occasions, i use this for sure. It stay longer than Peach Me.

2. Oriflame 2FX Mascara
I rarely use mascara. My lashes is already black and long, not too long actually. I like it bare than feel like so heavy with thick mascara. When i want to use it, I apply it lightly. And its not waterproof, so if I pray at school, my eyes will be like Panda. I'm also planning to get waterproof mascara, maybe from Maybelline.

3. Wardah Wondershine Lipgloss in Creamy Brown
I like this, it smell like a chocolate cake i think. But its still can't help my lips from dry. I use it at home if i want to go to a shop or somewhere. And I often use this on top of Pure Colour and Lipmania for special occasion.

4. Oriflame Very Me Lipmania in Vibrant Peach
Its nice orange pinky colour. I like this, but it just too bold for daily. Often, I use this first and Pure Colour on the top of this. And sometimes Wondershine on top of that two. hehe ;p

5. Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo
It has a spidol tip. Not too easy to apply, because the eyeliner didn't come out smoothly. I use this to make the outline of wing cat eyeliner. And its not waterproof so if I made a mistake on making the outline I can remove it easily.

Thats all.
Hope you enjoy! ;D


  1. hi azhezha :) glad i stumbled upon your blog! i always enjoy reading about other girls routine makeup regimen..!

    psst, i'm really enjoying going through your blog :) i appreciate the genuine sincerity that comes across unlike other "artificial" blogs i've been coming across!

    looking forward to following you! plus i find it fascinating to live vicariously through blogs i enjoy..!



  2. hi Dorothy! :D
    glad to have reader like you!

    thanks for stopping by here :')
    i just write what i want to write and its all true, if i didn't like i will say it.

    i enjoy your blog too :)
    thanks :D


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