Everyday Basic Makeup

I didn't wear much make up to school. Because in Indonesia, students, both school and college, wearing makeup is not a habit or usual. Also teacher, actually are not allowed to wear alot of makeup.
I will share my basic daily face routine..
These are my stuff.
This is a tinted moisturizer which has a little glitter when you apply it. Its light and has sheer finish. I apply it just like a foundation.
This is a concealer which not only hide imperfection but also treat the acne scars. It contains Salicylic acid which is good to get rid of acne.
3. Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder
It just a usual powder. I use this because it claims that it can absorb oil. I have very oily face. In the morning it was fine, but just at 10 a.m. my nose become oily. You know what, this is my second  products and it has hit the pan.
Can you recommend a good powder for me before I buy a new one?
I apply this powder with that Hello Kitty or with Oriflame Powder Brush. Thats my third Hello Kitty, i didn't like when the sponge get dirty.
4. Wardah Pencil Eyeliner
Usual eyeliner in black. Wardah is a halal beauty brand in Indonesia. I wear this eyeliner almost everyday even when i'm not wearing any makeup. I just feel a bit more confident.
Sometimes i feel like bare without eyeliner. But sometimes when i'm too lazy I just use the Wardah eyeliner. Mine is in grey, but its not too grey, it just light black with glitter. now I'm planning to buy black eyeliner without glitter.
Its a very nice pink-orange colour, sheer finish almost like nude colour. I love this than a lipgloss and its very moisturizing my lips. My lips didn't get dry with this.
7. Blush On from Cargo Lumieres du Monde Pallete
This is the palette
This is the blush + bronzer
This blush is gorgeous, it has glitter. I like it. But I'm also planning to buy another blush in orange and pink without glitter for school. I rarely using this blush to school, I'm not confident because its glitter.
I apply it with this Orflame Blush Brush. This brush is just perfect for me. Fit my cheeks so well. Just with one wipe and the blush is set up.

Yap, thats my everyday basic makeup routine.
Next post is my 'not daily' makeup. This will be long if I put it here.

Hope you enjoy and hope this post is helpful.
Thanks for reading.
Waiting for your response and recommendation of a powder for an oily face.


  1. Aku juga pake bedak Maybelline, tapi baru berapa jam udah minyakan lagi mukanya. Pernah pake Clean & Clear tapi sama aja kayak gitu juga. Haha...

    Anyway, kenapa gak ada foto pas kamu udah beres make up? Aku kan pengen liat... :)

  2. iya ni, kayaknya mungkin wajahnya terlalu berminyak, haha -___-
    pengen nyoba Wardah ni..

    hihi.. ntar deh nyusul yaa fotonya.. ;p

  3. wah aku juga punya TWC yg dari maybelline, kurang suka, kayak pake topeng ga nempel gitu, padahal dah pas ma skin tone, oil kontrolnya parah, dan bikin jerawatan hiks :(

    btw oriflame hide and treat aku juga pake,lumayan buat ngeringin jerawat yang kecil2 :D

  4. aku bukan yang TWC kok, yang biasa aja, kalo TWC kan sekalian foundation, jadi emang berat..

  5. This hello kitty is so cute <3 I don't know if you have Golder Rose there, but they have the best powders, in my opinion :)


  6. Saya pakai luminous loose powder-nya Wardah, so far yang paling pas buat saya. Dulu pakai TWC/CP berminyak banget rasanya..
    Coba pakai loose powder baru untuk "setting" baru compact powder untuk finishing :D

    1. okey deh.. akhir2 ini emang baru pengen beli bedak Wardah tapi belum yakin..
      thanks yaa ^^

    2. Seep.. Kalo udah, ditunggu review-nya ya :D Thx

  7. aku kalo pake wardah pencil eyeliner sering smudge. pdhl eyelid ku gak oily. biar gak smudge gimana? tolong kasi tau caranya dong..hehe


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