The Sheep Eat Cupcakes

Last Week i made Chocolate cupcakes
It was delicious eventhough it does not inflate well (bantat) ;p
Buy Filosofi Kopi AGAIN!
haha -________-
Because it has the synopsis of Partikel, the fourth novel of Supernova series by Dewi Lestari
Thats wonderful novel!
Partikel will be published this year, the date not fix yet.
And i'm super happy for this Shaun The Sheep doll.
Mom bought this for my little sister.
I want the big one!
It is very hug-able >o<
And today is Tuesday.
Lets pray this week will be exciting ;D


  1. Nice blog.! so u made Chocolate cake and u didnt give me for taste checking :S, I love your sheep doll can u give me as a gift? ;) .. share more

  2. hei Fiza, can i ask your Facebook or twitter? or email me at sarahazhezha@gmail.com

    i would like to know you more ;)

    i will share the recipe, so you can try it yourself ;)

    i want the doll too! thats my sister's doll :(


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