Mustika Ratu Goodies

Won this Mustika Ratu Goodies from a quiz held by Radio Anak Jogja
Special thank to my lovely friend, Pita ;*
(actually we, Indonesian, not saying Pita the way English says Peeta Melark, but a bit similar maybe)
There are three products.
Mustika Ratu Green Tea shampoo
The smell of this shampoo is a bit strong. Smell somewhat herb, I didn't notice the green tea smell.
Different from other conventional shampoo, this one doesn't lather much. You need to add more drops than usual shampoo, even my hair is only as long to my shoulder.
Then don't expect smooth hair like when you use Dove, I don't know how to say it. The foam didn't make the hair smooth. aaa, don't know how to say.
#Pokoknya jadi kayak nggumpal rambutnya, ga smooth gt.
After my hair dried, It looks like my real hair. I mean, nggak ngembang, apa sih ya.
If I use Dove, It will feel like after you blow dry your hair.
Its kind a similar with Pantene Nature Care, you will feel there's something wrong, because we usually use shampoo which makes our hair feel light. yes, this shampoo also make your hair light, but in different way.
In my opinion, its a good shampoo because it is natural and doesn't lather much. I just need to use it several times to be usual.
Mustika Ratu Bengkoang Whitening hand and body lotion
I like the unique lid. It has Mustika Ratu logo on it.
Sari Jeruk (Orange extract) White and Firm hand and body lotion
This one smell so fruity and fresh.
I want to bring it in my bag, but this is so big, 150 ml.

You know what, I have MANY lotions, from gifts and buy some myself.
Influenced by the ads in TV, then I bought this and that lotion. They kind a cheap.
But then, I realized, I have so many, what should I do to them? I'm too lazy to use them daily. I often forget to use them, even I already bring one in my bag.
Only when I feel my hands are so dry, then I will remember, 'Oh, I have lotion in my bag.'
ha ha ha -___________-
I need to make goals to use them before they expired.
Stay moist friends!
Put on your lotion!


  1. boleh nih buat calon istri,hehe..:p
    kirim satu dong,hehe..:p


  2. Wahh.. samaaaa..
    aku juga sering nyoba macem2 lotion yang akhirnya numpuk aja di rumah, ga ada yang bener2 habis.. hahahaha..

    Sarah ternyata blogger Jogja yaa?
    salam kenaall :D

    folback aku yaa ^^

  3. Congrats on winning the competition


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