Viva Cosmetics Goodies

Hi guys!
Today, I'll show you what I get from Viva Cosmetics, an Indonesian brand.
I receive this as prizes, because I won a quiz on Viva Cosmetics Facebook Page.
The quiz was held on 30 May, the winner announced on 31 May, and I got my prize yesterday, 4 June.
I'll just show you the goodies.
I'll review them later.
And let me know if there is a product you are interested in and want to know more, or maybe you already use some products, let me know in the comment ;D

Here's the goodies..
Came in a box with shredded paper.
The goodies came in a set in a cute pink plastic bag with Viva 50th anniversarry logo.
Here they are: 5 full products, 3 samples, 1 wash cloth, Viva product catalog, Beauty tips flyer, 2 Viva 50th anniversary stickers, and an ads about Viva Contest going on now on Viva's Facebook. 
Viva Bengkuang Body Scrub
This scrub smells good. I will try this morning.
Viva Hand and Nail Cream
Viva Skin Food Cream Extra Care
This is Viva's newest product.
The quiz I won is a guessing quiz on this products. Viva give a picture of this tube without anything written on the tube and we should guess the name. I find the name of this product on Viva Cosmetics Website.
You know what, I'm the first person who have the right answer. Viva took 25 first commenter with right answer.
This has sweet smell, I like.
Viva Hand and Body Lotion Bengkuang
Viva Massage Cream
Viva White and Cleam Mask
Green: for oily-acne skin
Orange: for dry-fine wrinkle skin
Pink: for all skin type
I already using this mask, I have the pink one. The first varian comes out is the pink one, the other two are new.
I looooove the pink mask, so I'm excited to try the other two.
Wash Cloth with Viva label
Viva product catalog, Beauty tips flyer, 2 Viva 50th anniversary stickers, and an ads about Viva Contest going on now on Viva's Facebook
The beauty tips flyer contain some useful tips about makeup. the catalog also has many beauty tips beside information about the products.
You can go to  Viva Cosmetics Facebook Page  to see that ads, its a photo contest.
I plan to join that contest, hehe
Wish me luck guys, and you to if you want to join.
There's many interesting prizes to win.
I wish i can win the netbook, amin amin amin :)

Actually, they all have nice smeel, hehe

Leave comment guys..
Wait for my review. I need to try the first, right?


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