Kuki Bakery Donuts Attack

Kuki Bakery is one of bakery in Jogja.
Kuki sells donuts, cake, lasagna, cupcakes, even fondant cakes!!
See Kuki's beautiful cake at
Kuki currently having retweet contest on twitter.
The best mention and retweet every week will get dozens of Kuki's donuts for FREE!!!
The announcement is every Friday morning.
Follow their twitter at @kukibakery

Then on Friday, May 4th, 2012 I came out as the second winner...
yaaaay \^o^/
I won a dozen of this donut.
Then, again, on Friday, May 18th, 2012
I am the first winner..
super yaaaaay \^O^/
This is me claiming the donuts and cakes in Kuki Bakery.
they are the delicious donats and cakes!!!
TWO DOZENS, 18 donuts and 6 cakes..
Thats ridiculuos!!
Kuki Bakery... you are so generous..
love youuuu ^3^
#ngarep dikasih gratisan lagi ;p

Next, I'll introduce you to Kuki Bakery's products,
and I'll let you drooooooling, xixixi ;p

First is the round-holed donuts, usual shape of donuts.
They come in various flavor.


This are Icing Sugar Filling Donut (donut icing sugar filling), thats how Kuki named them.
The filling also various, blueberry, strawberry, and chocolate.

Choco Butter Cupcake
This is Taro Cupcakes
Taro is Ubi Ungu, I don't know the english name, sorry, try to googling ya
Red Velvet Butter Cupcakes
red velveeeeeet #Screaaaam ^O^

dum duruduuuuum...
my favorite iiiis
Original Blueberry Baked Cheese
Original Strawberry Baked Cheese
They are soooooooooo yuuuummy sweeeet >o<
The jam is sweet and the cake underneath is sooooo cheeeeesy!!
I mean we can taste the cheese for sure..
I want it right now ToT

I also bought another two sweeties.
Devil Cake
When you buy this, the shopkepper will ask you if you want to warm the cake up on the oven first, because....
the chocolate inside will melt when you bite it!!!
I don't know why but i feel that the cake is a bit crispy, not smooth as the baked cheese.
Thats what makes the cake special I think. :D
the famous Rainbow Cake!!
I say, this is the first generation, I think.
Because until now, Kuki have different kind of rainbow cake, even Ombre Cake!!

nah, thats long post of delicates right?
ha ha ha #evil laugh
now, are you hungry enough?
or craving to try one of them?
cuss ciiin..
go to Kuki Bakery Jl. Flamboyan 34C, in front of FT UNY
here's the map
One more pics guys
I have hot coffe and sweet donuts for you ;p
have a sweet days :D


  1. hhmmm nyummy,,mau dong kuenya,,kirim ke bogor ya,hehe..
    tapi disini juga ada yang gak kalah enak namanya kue unyil,hehe..:p

    mampir lagi ya..

    makasih .. ^_^

  2. Yummy semua nih, sukses and selalu semangat...

  3. Wooww.. amazing yammey product..recomended too that kukibakery is best seller


  4. wiih azhezha,, *cmiiw* spell ur name correctly?? asikknya hoki banget dirimuh say.. ;)

    1. hihi.. thank you.. semoga hoki beneran, ini cuma tweet2 aja kok say.. ;)

      panggil sarah aja gpp :)

      thanks for visiting and your comment ;D

  5. maaf mau tanya kakak. .
    rainbow cake nya masih ad g ya?klo bli per slice boleh nda?berapa ya harganya?dibungkus / bw pulang boleh kn?
    terima kasih kaka
    saya mau bli ni. .klo minggu buka tidak ya?

  6. congrats ya kak... sekarang kuki sdh pindah di jalan kaliurang km5 (samping kalimilk atau seberang apotek k24) mampir yaa..salam


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