Hello June

Happy June everyone!!!
“May the odds beever in your favor!”
Are you familiar with this sentence?
Yes, that is from Hunger Games. I'm now working on the third book.
I'm addicted.
I know its too late, huh? haha
Its hard to put down the book!!
I'll try to review after I finish the third.
You should read the book, because I don't think the movie is clear enough, my friend who hasn't read the book can't get the story from the movie well. I have to explain.
I want Katniss's braid, though. But my hair is not long enough for that braid.
and I love this pics, they are awesome boys and girls! -I think-
Maybe some of you already sick of Hunger Games?
I'm not -yet-, haha ;p

I will have two weeks of school breaks. Then the third week will be the Final Test of this semester.
I don't like long holiday!
Why don't held the test just next week and then long holiday after?
I don't like having long break before test because I'll be lazy to study then I'll forget the materials and then in the last days of the holiday I have to work hard to study all of those materials again!!! rawr -o-

eeh~ FYI, Maybelline Baby Lips finally arrives safely in Indonesia!!
yaaay \^o^/
First time I read about them on Amber's review from http://www.beautyjunkiesunite.com/
read here: 
or you can googling soooo many reviews and swatches from other bloggers.
They are very cute, aren't they? ;D
image from Amber's review
Maybelline claims that it can make your lips soft and reduce lips fine lines in 4 weeks, clinically tested.
And it has SPF 20.

I plan to get my hand on this cutie as soon as I can go to the counter.
Maybe I'll take the Cherry Me, the orange tube one above. The color will match me I think.

btw, there is a cute blog whose owner is Airi. She is very cute and so is her blog!
She is holding a giveaway right now.
Click and join!

ends 25 June

Hope I can blog more on these two weeks and hope I didn't become too lazy too study.
Hope I have a wonderful holiday.
Hope my upcoming tests will be great!
and hope you have awesome days because you are willing to read my rambling until the end.
Love you

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