Silky Girl Gel Liner and Lipgloss

Hi guys!
This time I want to share about Silky Girl products that I'm loving lately.
They are Silky Girl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner and Silky Girl Moisture Gloss
My favorite is the Gel Eyeliner. It is easy to apply and waterproof.
Its in number 01 Pure Black. I use it almost everyday.
Just because it needs more time to apply than the liquid one, if I was in hurry, I will use my Oriflame Very Me Eyeliner.
Its small and easy to bring in my makeup pouch.
It has a brush in it!
The brush is good, so I think you will not need other brush, very simple to bring it.
There is instructions on how to use it on the box.
Here's the swatch in my hand. You can make either thin line or bold one.
You just need practice to make your line perfect!
here is mine...
very simple.. hihi ;p
What I like :
  • Waterproof! When I take wudhu, the liner didn't washed out
  • Smudgeproof! When I rub it lightly, the liner is fine. Just don't rub it after wudhu when its wet.
  • Cheap!
  • Easy to get
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to bring, because its small
What I hate :
  • Take time to apply
Size : 2.3 g
Price : Rp 39.500
Where to get : Indomaret, Matahari Department Store
Repurchase? Yes!
The price is reasonable, its only Rp. 39.500 in Indomaret.
I bought this on March with very interesting promo.
So I buy the eyeliner and get the lipgloss for free!
Rp. 39.500 for eyeliner and lipgloss is a very good deal! ;D
No, Indomaret pay me nothing for this ads, haha ;p
I just want to let you know that there is a good eyeliner with cheap price.
I say cheap because Revlon and Maybelline gel liner is like more than Rp. 100.000, whatsoever, I can't reach it, lol

Now for the lipgloss.
Its in the shade 10 Vintage Rose. Pink Nude color which match my lips.
Here's the swatch,
I haven't take photo with this. Post later ya, hehe :p
What I like :
  • The color matches me very well
  • Easy to apply
What I hate :
  • Staying power is so-so like usual lipgloss, fade off when eat or stain on glass when drink
Size : No information
Price : around Rp 20.000
Where to get : Indomaret, Matahari Departement Store
Repurchase? Don't know yet
I forget the price. I think its about Rp. 20.000
I usually use this on top of my Oriflame Very Me Lipmania.
They match well and the result is nice pink nude lips. Love it much! ;D

For the gel liner, of course I will re-purchase, but I don't know for the lipgloss.

Leave comment if you have any questions.
Thanks for reading :D
have a nice Sunday!


  1. the gloss has beautiful color, i think it will suits you :)
    its a cheap gel liner! how about the staying power, and is it waterproof/smudgeproof? :D

    1. ya, the gloss match me very well :D

      thats why I choose this gel liner. maybelline and revlon is like 100K IDR -.-

      uups, I forget to mention, yes its waterproof and yes its smudgeproof, I have try to rub it lightly, and its fine. when I take wudhu its also fine, not washed out, but just don't rub while its wet.
      You should try :D

  2. omg! read this post make me really wanna buy that gel liner :3 ugh

  3. sist izin ngopy picturenya ya :) tq

    1. ngopi nya dimana ni sis? minta url nya dong ;)


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