Quote to Begin May

Potential for financial gain was not the primary motivating factor for women; women were more likely to start a business for the challenge and opportunity for self-fulfillment.Lavoie (1992)
I feel like that.
yaa I think I'm so into that quote.
I like selling things, of course la I still think about the profit.
But after read this quote, I feel like the profit is the second thing.
The first is that self-fulfillment.
I feel happy when people who bought things from me feel satisfied.
Satisfied with the product and the price.
I always try to sell the best products, so I can get more profit, because if the product is good with still reasonable proce, customer will feel satisfied and happy too.

I want to be an entrepreneur! ^^

Happy May everyone!
May this month be the best for us ^^

bought this on a hot day and ate while the lecturer explaining, bad student , haha
greeting from Strawberry sundae!
salam sundae! ;p

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